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Leonard Maddalena

Selling Photos - What to Charge

I am trying to sell my photos to card and calander companies but do not have any idea of what to charge for each print they order.

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1/29/2004 11:00:28 AM

Kirsti S. Christie   I have found that the Photographer's Market is a helpful tool. The 2004 edition can be found at bookstores for about $30. There is tons of information I found very helpful to get started, and almost 500 pages of businesses who buy photographs. Good Luck!

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1/29/2004 8:28:49 PM

Bob Cammarata
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  Photography is art. Like any art form, the value of photographic images will vary, and is governed by these simple criteria:

How much a buyer is willing to spend... and what the seller accepts as equitable.

I agree that Photographer's Market is an excellent tool for locating potential clients, and making contacts. Often, companies will list the range of prices they pay to initiate the bargaining process. It is then up to the photographer to negotiate his or her actual price.

There are management programs specifically designed to assist photographers in pricing their work. Check out The information they provide is based upon a national average from previous sales within each market. Their data has been recently updated, and they allow for a free sample download.

Good luck!

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1/30/2004 3:26:25 AM

Robert Bridges   Leonard,

Calender companies and/or greeting card companies are not going to negotiate
with you on what they pay. Calendar companies generally pay around 350 per image and greeting card companies are around the same though some will pay
royalties based on cards sold. The competition is fierce so untill you have become well established (read famous) don't even think of getting more then what the standard fee is.

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2/19/2004 10:36:56 PM

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