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Amanda J. Hubbard

Canon or Fuji Digital SLR's

I'm debating whether to purchase the Canon 10D or the Fuji FinePix S2 Pro, 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera. They are the same price, but different mega pixels. When I researched the Fuji, it said the number of effective pixels is 6.17 though. So would I be better off to get the Canon? (I love Canon cameras very much!) Is the Fuji a good camera?

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1/25/2004 10:10:11 AM

Shawn I.O. Yon   My advise is to visit your local camera shop and bring your memory card and test both cameras. If they don't let you take test photos, then consider renting them.

They are both good cameras and you can't go wrong with either one. I was in your situation and chose the 10D because Canon lens are less expensive than Nikon lens. Also, if there are any new camera body designs, I would not be sure if the Nikon lens system would be compatable in the longterm.

Hope this helps.

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1/25/2004 4:44:49 PM

Reid S. Mason   Amanda, As a long time Canon user I confess I'm a bit biased BUT when it was time to move to digital I did check out the other stuff out there. What I found was that though there are a lot of really nice Digi SLRs out there, I wouldn't say one in particular is better than another when considering bodies at the same price point. That being the case I picked the 10D for two reasons. One, it works just like my Canon film cameras - pretty much the same controls, layout etc. And two, Canon lenses are especially good. Though the body is very important, it really is the glass that makes it all come together. I'd recommend the 28 - 135 Image Stabelizer as your main lens, I keep it on my camera about 80 percent of the time.

Good luck in making up your mind - I know it's difficult but the end result is you'll have an entirely new way to communicate your art!

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1/26/2004 8:01:23 PM

Robert Bridges   Hi Amanda, I thought I would add my two cents worth to your question and this discussion coming from the film only world and moving away from Canon. Like you and many others, I too have done extensive research on various digital cameras e.g, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Kodak. Were I in your shoes at this point there is no question that I would go with the Fuji. Its built on the Nikon N80 camera and uses Nikon glass. Contrary to some, I have not found Nikon lenses to be more expensive then the Canon but simply more honest then the Canon. Canon markets two classes of lenses - the decent and cheap, and the expensive and great. Nikon markets just the reasonable and the great. Personally I prefer the latter.

I tend to be a purist I suppose in that I would suggest that if you go with the Canon that instead of getting an image stabilizer lens that you buy a good tripod instead. Technology is fine - but hard work will, in the long run produce better images. Now what I would seriously recommend is that you wait till this summer and take a good hard look at the new Nikon digital which has not yet been introduced to the general public but will be coming out to compete price wise with the Canon Rebel Digital. It's not just about the number of mexapixals that determines image quality. Leaving aside the human factor things such as filtering, noise, moire filters, body quality, capture software, etc which are also extremely important. Unless you must have that camera today - I'd wait a few months and see what both Fuji and Nikon have in store.

Hope this was not too critical and I agree with Reid M in his advice to play with both. However I do disagree with the assumption that digital is an entirely new way to communicate your art, it's simply a different way.

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1/28/2004 8:43:43 AM

Michael McCullough   I have talked casually with a portrait photographer in regards to his Fuji S2 and he did mention that the colours were at times oversaturated and he was allways reworking his images in photoshop,any ways both appear to be OK cameras,but did you know that Nikon is coming out with a brand new D70 which is supposed to be under a 1000 dollars and looks to be very nice.

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1/28/2004 9:46:55 AM

Beth Espinoza   Hi Amanda!
While I LOVE the Canons, especially the EOS 1/10Ds, I found a very good deal on the Fuji Finepix S1 Pro (The 6.17 eff. mPix). While I am something of a novice, I have been EXTREMELY HAPPY with the performance of this camera! (It has the Nikon lense F-mount, for the Nikon/Nikkormat(?) lenses.)
Are you sure that maybe you didn't get the S2 Pro and S1 Pro mixed up while researching? A 6 mPix loss seems unusually large. The way that I learned how much mPix a photographer needs is dependant upon the largest size prints that you anticipate producing, figured at 300 dpi for the LxH of the picture.(This is the "rule of thumb" widely used for print-quality photo resolution, similar to print resolution from non-digital pix.) A 3-ish mPix camera will give you a 300 dpi resolution for a print photo equal to about an 8x10, while a 12 mPix I guess would give you something about 4 times those dimensions. I hope this isn't going over what you already know, but you'd be surprised how many people aren't aware of it. (I'm with you, though, if you can afford it--GO FOR IT!)
Trying the cameras out is EXCELLENT ADVICE! I think that no matter which you choose, you're going to be happy with chioce, as they are both fine cameras.
Best of luck to you!

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1/28/2004 12:20:34 PM

Gregg Vieregge   I have been shooting professionally for 3 years with the Fuji S2 and I have been very satisfies. I use Tamron lenses. They work great. I have never shot with a canon so I have no advice there. I have heard the new Rebel is alot of camera for the $$$. I am waiting for the new Fuji S3 to cone out this spring and I'm sure I'll purchase it. The 6.12 effective pixels will keep my files in JPEG for faster editing. I have great success in this range.

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2/10/2004 5:41:05 AM

Rafael Funes  
Taken with Canon 28-135 IS and processed with C1 LE 1.3
© Rafael Funes
Canon EOS 10D Digi...
I am a Canon fan. Lenses are great and well worth the price. Though you can use Sigma lenses too, they are fine and less expensive. When moving to digital, the body is as important as the lens, since the lens produces the image and the body (sensor-processor) records it. I have tried several digital bodies from different manufacturers and I chose the Canon 10D. I agree that IS lenses are great, so great that Nikon is working hard to release a few when Canon has had them available for quite some time. I am convinced that nowadays Canon is clearly superior to Nikon and offers better options beforehand. A great additional tool is Capture One LE 1.3 raw image processing software.

My two cents.

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2/10/2004 7:36:34 AM

Michael McCullough   Oh,just something I heard going around that the performance of the Canon Digital Rebels in coldweather conditions leaves alot to be desired,the problem has been with the Rebel lineup begining in there film based cameras!!!

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2/10/2004 12:04:40 PM


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2/10/2004 12:32:11 PM

Dave Kone   S2 Pro can Canon 10d same price? Fuji S2 pro is $1950 or there abouts and the 10d is $1350

What do you get for the extra $600?

Dave Kone

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2/10/2004 6:55:46 PM

Gregg Vieregge   Dave K.

Your wrong. The S2 can be purchased for $1049. Search the net. I would really suggest looking ay the S3!

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2/10/2004 7:20:32 PM

Dave Kone   Please send me a link where you can get the Fugi S2 Pro for $1049 new.

I looked on B&H, Adorama, pricegrabber.

Even on Ebay one is about to end in a few hours and its already at $1700. I saw a used body go for $1200 on ebay.

I bought a second 10d used with a 50mm 1.4 lens and 2 256 meg lexar cards for $1250.

So instead of blurting out Your wrong, can you be a little nicer when you reply and put some supporting links in to help us out.

After all we are just photographers trying to help each other out.

Dave Kone

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2/11/2004 5:07:32 AM

Rafael Funes   Let's focus. Fuji makes great products, also Nikon and Canon. It's interesting all three are Japanese companies, isn't it? They satisfy their customers and we customers have preferences. As I stated before, I am a Canon fan, but I have a couple of fellow photographers totally engaged with Nikon. Amanda likes Canon and both the 10D and Canon lenses are amongst the finest available.


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2/11/2004 11:47:59 AM

Wing Wong
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/8/2004
  Hi Amanda,

Canon and Fuji does their cameras differently. If I had to choose, I would go with the Fuji S2pro for 3 reasons:
- much lower noise levels in pictures
- better auto-focus speed/reliability
- 12MP downsample to 6MP

The S2Pro takes pictures with a 6MP sensor oriented at 45 degrees and gets resampled up to 12MP. From there, it gets downsampled to 6MP as it's stanfard resolution.

The end result is that you have a true resolving power of 6MP with the S2Pro and a much lower noise and artifact issue when shooting at 6MP.

Check out for detailed reviews. :)

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2/14/2004 9:10:46 PM

amirhoushank farhoudimoghaddam   whats ytopur ida lave?

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2/15/2004 11:22:16 PM

Dave Kone   Amanda, Just curious as to what your final decision is?

I know after a while of looking and getting advice you get enough good answers to go either way, and leaves you still confused!


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2/16/2004 3:57:00 AM

Amanda J. Hubbard   David,
I am leaning towards the Canon, but I have been continuing my research on other cameras as well.


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2/17/2004 8:14:54 PM

Dave Kone   Good idea. Keep looking. Dont get caught up in Pixels, there is a lot more to a camera than that! And sometimes a camera with less pixels will produce a better picture due to the size of each pixel sensor.

Dont know if I mentioned it before but has great reviews on both cameras.

Let us know what you decide! THEN you have to pick a lens! AHHH it never ends.


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2/18/2004 4:50:38 AM

Gene    Amanda - have just finished going through the same endless process of making a digital camera choice, went with the 10D.
go to, this is one of the best review sites on the web, here you can compare the two camera's, etc. hope this will help you with your decision.
btw, depreview rates the 10D a little above the S2 - Gene

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2/18/2004 6:10:33 AM

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