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Tyrone Marquez

Which First Camera

Hi my name is Tyrone and I'm new to photography, although I have taken great pictures with just point and shoot 35m cameras throughout the years. I am now taking photography very serious. I love taking pictures of sports - boxing, baseball, etc. I would like to know what would be a great camera to stop action. I really like that moment when the action freezes. I was thinking about the Maxxum 5 or Canon Rebel Ti. Can anyone please let me know what would be best? Thanks. My budget is about 600.00

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1/10/2004 7:18:31 PM

doug Nelson   You would not go too wrong with either one. However, $600 allows a higher level choice than the rock bottom of the maker's line. Automatic focus may not always work as well as you'd like with dimly lit sports situations. Look a couple of steps up the manufacturer's lineup to get a more sophisticated autofocus function, and maybe even a brighter viewfinder. Plan on good telephotos or zooms, and plan to use a tripod or monopod to steady the camera. Maybe a 50 or 85 would do just fine for the boxing ring. For sports, you get dealt the double whammy of less than ideal lighting and fast action. You and I can't afford the f2.8 300mm lenses the pros use, but we can use fast film (high ASA number), the fastest shutter our equipment allows and hope.

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1/11/2004 8:19:04 AM

Michael McCullough   Myself I went with a Nikon F80 and have only great things to say about this camera!!!

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1/13/2004 11:13:38 AM

Buddy Purugganan   $600.00? Quite a BIG budget for sports cam picture action! NIKON N75 ( reviewed in Photographic magazine dated June 2003) with a superb D series lens zoom ....28-200mm about $365.00 in Broadway Photo ( 1-800-861-3436) or The N75 is light and real compact!

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1/17/2004 5:44:26 AM

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