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Bonnie Downes

How To Photography a Group of 25

I am photographing an Anniversary party. They want a picture of the whole family (25 people). Which includes adults all the way down to a 2 year old. I have a black background (10.5x10.5) and a white background (10x10). I think I'm only wanting to do a 3/4 shot...but how should I position the children? (I'm not sure if my backgrounds are big enough to do a full body? Also I have 2 tripods... one for my camera and one for my vivitar fill flash. Will the fill flash and the flash from my Canon Rebel EOS be enough light? And should I bounce the fill flash off the ceiling for even lighting? Thank you for any responses.

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12/24/2003 9:07:58 AM

Gregory LaGrange
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  If the ceiling isn't too high and your flash is strong enough, I would bounce the vivitar and use the camera flash for fill, if I thought I needed fill. But you could also use the tripod and raise up the flash so it comes down at an angle.
Usually you put the kids in front since they are shorter. Real little ones can be held or sitting in some one's lap.

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12/24/2003 6:29:47 PM

Bonnie Downes   Thank you for your response. I received a light meter for Christmas (which I am so excited to start using). So I can figure out the lighting part of it. And also, I think when ever everyone gets together for the group picture I will try different shots: holding the children, children on the floor, etc. I think in order to get the shots they want I will just have to take a lot of different pictures of different poses. Anyway, thanks again.

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12/26/2003 11:39:48 AM

doug Nelson   Another consideration besides light is the lens to use. The wide end of a zoom WILL distort faces near the edge of the frame. Consider using a 28 or 35mm prime lens, or a 50mm, if you can stand back far enough. No matter which lens you use, don't put people too close to the very edge of the frame.

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12/26/2003 2:36:19 PM

Heath Y.M. Gibert   Dear Bonnie,
Funny that I should read this because I just did my side of the family which consist of over 25 people ranging from 65 yrs. to a 7 month. I positioned them like this.Eldest in the center w/ single adult kids sitting @ thier sides.Behind where oder kneeling up right (not setting on the bum) then the parents (moms on the forward left of the dads).I had the younger kneeling up right and the frant row the other sitting on a lower platforms.I used the remainding Single Adults to fill in the outer holes. So I had atleast 6 to 7 row useind a 3 step platform. You could also use clairs if there is no platforms.Good Luck-Heath

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12/30/2003 1:49:02 PM

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