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Cindy Taft

Why Are My Nighttime Pics Always Fuzzy?

I can take a picture with my digital camera during the day or inside in a well lighted area and the picture is nice and sharp, but when I take a picture in a somewhat darker setting or outside at night even under a light the image is fuzzy. I have a Fuji A101, why am I having this trouble?

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11/29/2003 7:56:58 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  I don't know anything about that particular camera but off hand it sounds like you're having problems with noise, which is like grain on film, at higher asa settings. Noise is also a problem with digital when a picture is slightly underexposed. Don't know what else to say without looking at a picture.

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11/30/2003 2:32:22 PM

Jim Crosiar
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/6/2001
  If you are not using a tripod it could be camera shake, use a tripod and see if it makes a difference. I use a tripod or monopod as often as possible, even in daylight.

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12/4/2003 1:29:48 AM

Scott Pedersen   Yep, same as above. on you LCD it should say procesing image. it takes some time to accoplish this at night. the camera must remain absulultly still unitl it is done.

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12/4/2003 3:57:37 AM

Michael McCullough   Like the above answer,you need a tripod to shoot in loe light!!!

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12/4/2003 10:03:41 AM

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