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Shooting Caves

Does any one have advice (film speed / exposure settings) for shooting in caves? I am on my way to Carlsbad Caverns and hope to get some decent pics. I use a Rebel 2000 with the Elchepo 28-90 and a Tamron 100-300 lens.

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8/27/2003 5:20:53 PM

Wayne Attridge   Exposure settings will depend on available light. You will have to meter or use the camera's meter for that. As far as film speed goes, your elchepo zoom is probably not very fast, I'm guessing maybe 3.5 or 4.0 to 5.6. If this is the case, I would maybe use Fuji Pro 800 or something in that range. I don't generally use Kodak Max, which is rated at 800 - 1000 but this may be a good alternative (check the Kodak website)

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8/28/2003 3:25:14 AM

Darwin A. Mulligan   I was at the Carlsbad Caverns last summer. I shot Velvia slide film (ISO 50)with my Pentax 645 medium format camera on a tripod. My exposure times ranged from 30 seconds to over 2 minutes depending on the available light in the scene. When shooting over 30 seconds-> add extra time to your exposure to allow for reciprocity failure of the film.


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9/3/2003 6:39:21 AM

Richard    Thanks for the input. I just got my pics back. No really good ones. I did use Kodak max 800 but my 28-90 is just too slow.

Maybe next time, Richard

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9/3/2003 5:45:56 PM

Wayne Attridge   Richard, It sounds like you may just need a tripod and a longer exposure time. If your camera meter won't give you a reading, perhaps you could borrow a light meter from someone. That might help. You could also do some test shots at home with comparable light conditions . Try different exposure times and be sure to write down what you shoot. When you get the film back you will have a pretty reasonable idea of what you need to do. Good luck.

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9/3/2003 9:43:16 PM

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