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Angela D. Mabe

I Cannot Get My Camera Added to the List

Hi, I have been trying to enter my photo but I can't because my camera was not on the list, and I can not add it. Please tell me what to do. Thank you so much.

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6/19/2003 7:59:23 PM

Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
  Hi Angela,

We certainly don't want you to be stuck at this point. Here is a step-by-step on what to do. You have two choices:

a) On the "Upload an Image" page, you can click the link just under the camera pull-down menu, or

b) You can sign into your Member Profile page by clicking the Sign In button on the left green filmstrip.

Once at this Member Profile page, you will see a "Your Cameras" section. Click on the link to "Add a camera to your list".

You will see a long pull-down menu of cameras. Use this menu to select your camera.

If you do not see the camera on this long list, you can use the input field below to write in your camera. We will then double check and make sure it is not already in our system. As soon as we process your suggested camera, it will show up on your list of cameras. It will also then show up in the shorter pull-down menu when you go to upload an image. If you choose from the long pull-down list at the top of the page, the camera will show up immediately.

If it doesn't, make sure you are not looking at an old version of the Web page. Hit the Refresh button in your browser, or better yet, delete all temporary files and then try hitting the Refresh button again.

Either way, when you select your camera or add it, consider writing a brief optional review of your camera.

Note: if you end up suggesting a camera, it may take us a day or so to review your suggestion and add it to the list.

Hang in there :-)

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6/23/2003 11:12:52 PM

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