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Books on Digital Imaging

Would you please recommend some books on both traditional and digital photo-taking technique. I am a beginning for photographing, barely know nothing about it.

Thank you for your help.

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1/12/2003 2:44:52 AM

doug Nelson   On digital, go to and let Hewlett-Packard tell you about digital in general. Hit the library and look there. On general photography, see if your camera store has the Kodak Guide to 35-mm Photography. Last, and maybe best, go the home page of this site and order Jim Miotke's book The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Great Photos.

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1/16/2003 5:50:06 AM

Carrie C. Brannon   David,
One book that I found to be really good was "The Kodak Complete Guide To Photography". It takes you from the most basic things, such a choosing the right film and loading it into the camera properly, right up through special effects and darkroom techniques. It is written in easy to understand terms instead of written as if you are already an expert as some book are! It is also geared more towards the SLR cameras with interchangable lenses instead of Point and Click cameras, but the info can be applied in many cases to those types of cameras as well.
I found it first in my local library, then I happened to find it on Ebay and bought it there. Ebay is alway a great sourvce for not only books but Video's that teach you about photography. There are ones geared towards film photography, such as Bill Fortney's Nature Workshop series, which I found to be again very informative in an easy to understand way. His video, F Stops and Metering really helped me to get the hang of Aperture and shutter speeds! Other books and video's too are specificaly for Digital photography. Most of these books and video's are very inexpensive on Ebay, you can get them for a fraction of the cost you would pay in the bookstore. Just make sure you ask for the date it was published; while a lot of the basic information stands true no matter how old the book is, a lot of it doesn't help you much if you have a very modern camera with all the bells and whistles!
Good luck and I hope this helps you!
Carrie B

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2/12/2003 3:24:52 AM

Roz McQuillan   Hi David, Just to give you some alternatives - we are a bookshop specializing in photography called The Printed Image, and have a growing list of books on digital photography. You can check them out on our website at, or contact me if you need any particular info, cheers,
Roz McQuillan

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2/13/2003 10:41:50 PM

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