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Hari Huberman

Creating Email Sized Digital Photo

To whom it may concern,
I just purchased a Minolta Dimage, 4 megapixels, it comes with a dimage viewer which allows you to download and then print your photos. What I am not sure about is how to get the original photo which might be at 2, 3, or 4 megapixels down to a smaller size, thumbnail so I can then email the photo. I'm not sure what to do. Also do I have to shoot at less pixels or is that irrelevant when downsizing to email size. Also, do I want to get to a thumbnail which will then blow up after it is emailed as an attachment? Thank you.

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1/8/2003 12:22:10 PM

doug Nelson   You might eventually want to get Elements or Photoshop LE, both of which are based on full Photoshop. When you read up on digital or ask for help, you answers will nearly always be in terms of Photoshop.

Four MP is a generously-sized image. You can make prints beyond 8 x 10, if you shoot full resolution. First of all, archive your shots worth saving to CD. The JPEG downsizing process wrecks them for printing, because you can't recover thrown-out pixels.

If your shots are not already in the JPEG format, your software should have a way to let you do that. It will downsize the resolution to about 72 pixels-per-inch, and into pixel dimensions for screen viewing. I don't know whether your software does this all in one whack, or whether you have to set the resolution, then the image size, then save it as a JPEG. If you can't get this info out of Minolta, buy and install Elements.

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1/9/2003 9:01:18 AM

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