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Jean-Francois Schmutz

member since: 8/4/2002

Macro Lens

Hi all,

I am interested to buy a macro lens for my Canon D60, I own extension tubes but I didn't find it realy confortable to use.

180 f3.5 L macro is realy out of budjet for me.
Please can you give me some advice for shooting all those beautifull small creatures and flowers?


1/8/2003 6:43:28 AM

BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/28/2002
  How about the other Canon macro lens, EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM. It's about US$450.

1/8/2003 10:08:02 AM

doug Nelson

member since: 6/14/2001
  Look at the Canon EOS 50-mm macro. Since your D60 has a magnification factor of about 1.4 (the CCD is smaller than the standard 35-mm frame), the 50 becomes a 75.
For another option, here's an instance where an FD to EOS adapter does exist and will work (although I have not used it). This adapter was made by Canon, although there are copies. This adapter DOES NOT have a glass element. It does not allow focus to infinity, but you don't focus to infinity with macro, anyway. With this adapter, you can use an FD or an FL 50-mm f3.5 macro lens. You'll have to stop the lens down to shooting aperture, I think.
If you can't find the Canon 50 macro with the 1:1 adapter, just use a 25-mm extension tube, which does the same thing. The whole set-up may run $200. OR it'd be cheaper still to buy a used FD body (F-1, FTb, TX, TLb) and just use it with an FD or FL 50 or 100-mm macro. Autofocus is no help with macro, anyway.

1/8/2003 11:08:35 AM

Jean-Francois Schmutz

member since: 8/4/2002
  Thanks for your answers.

If I have good understanding of your answer, the Canon 50 mm macro is good enough with a magnification factor of 1.6 (D60 does), adaptor seem to be like my extension tube, only useful on very short distance.

Another question: did someone have some review about the Sigma 50 mm macro? Good or bad?

1/9/2003 4:31:08 PM

doug Nelson

member since: 6/14/2001
  Sigma is a respectable maker, and probably cheaper than Canon. Buy it in the EOS mount, so you don't need an FD-to-EOS adapter. Does it give a 1:1 image? It may be a good answer for you.

1/27/2003 10:27:53 AM


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