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Paully O'Reilly

what is a guide #?

I use a Canon Rebel G, and am in the market for a decent bounce flash. In some very preliminary research I have taken an interest in Sunpak's 383 Super something, & the 433D TTL models. I have yet to look at many other brands, mostly because Sunpak came highly recommended by a friend of mine. I am a 2nd year student at an art college, so I don't need anything too crazy, but on the other hand I would like to have something that will last me a while. Not just in terms of ruggedness & durability, but also sufficient features
to the extent that I won't likely outgrow it in 2 or 3 years. I intend to use it chiefly for portraits, but I suppose once I've familiarized myself with it well enough I'll want to use it to enhance alot of my pictures. I'm thinking somewhere in the realm of $60-$200. Anyway, any thoughts on these or other units would be sincerely appreciated. Also, in referencing specs I came across a few mentions of the flashes "120 guide #". Could anyone tell me what this is? A power output rating perhaps? And I was also curious as to whether a dedicated flash would work with a Nikon digital camera. I know it wouldn't meter TTL, and I suspect it wouldn't meter at all. But would it at least go off in sync when the shutter opened? Do I need manual controls to do this? Even if it's only to answer one of these many questions, I'll value any response or suggestion anybody can give me. Thanks a lot.

- Paully Fitz

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11/29/2002 3:13:37 AM

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