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lyn winans
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Check Prior Upload Times?

Is there a way I can check on yesterday's upload time? I can't remember the exact time and assume you stick precisely to a 24 hour period.
(or are we talking a "vague day" here? Thanks for the site, I'm new, but enjoying it. Sorry if this was a dumb question, I checked Q&A and also my photo, but to no avail.
Thanx ..lyn

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11/3/2002 5:04:03 PM

Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
  Hi Lyn,

Not a dumb question at all. In fact, another member just yesterday suggested that we post the date the photo was uploaded to help you with this issue.

So I have made it so that the date displays under each photo. You can now use this to make sure you are only entering one photo per day into the contest.

May the best photo win ;)

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11/16/2002 7:18:52 PM

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