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Carolyn Swadley

Zooming in with Photoshop Elements

Anyway to not sacrifice quality when editing photos if one wants to zoom in on a photo and crop?

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10/19/2012 5:38:30 PM

Lynn R. Powers   I crop at least 50% of my photos. However if I crop half of the photo out I do not try to make an 18" print with it. I will settle for an 8x10" instead. When cropping to a 9:16 format I insure that the '16' takes in the full length of the sensor. This way I only loose the the unwanted portions of the photo and 9x16" is the most I will print it. If I want it larger I will send the photo out telling them to uprez the image. Most 100% cropped photos should only be 4x6" unless using on the web. A lot also depends on the number of pixels and the quality of the lens in how much quality you get in your enlargements.

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10/19/2012 8:38:06 PM

Carolyn Swadley   Thanks Lynn

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10/21/2012 11:07:29 AM

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