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Tom R. Fleeman

Nikon focus

Hi everyone. Can anyone tell me what to do about auto-focus on Nikon cameras. I have a D800 and a D7000, and they both do the same thing. On auto-focus they don't seem to focus that sharp. But I can go to manual focus and they are tack sharp. I don't see how this is possible. Have any of you other nikon owners had this problem and is there something I can do about it??

Thanks Tom

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10/15/2012 5:21:14 AM

Lynn R. Powers   This is a known problem with the D800 especially on the left hand side. Call Nikion and find out if they are going to have an update in firmware to fix this problem. If they do not have have an answer I would suggest sending it back for a refund. The D7000 is not known to have troubles. Set your camera for center focus point. Remember that if you are using a fast lens such as an f2.8-1.4 you will have a very narrow margin for focus especially if your subjerct is near to you. In the view finder whatever is not the same distance as the focus point will look blury but if the lens setting is closed down some more of it will be in focus when you take the photo. It is best not to test these at close distances.

Also both cameras have an awful lot of pixels per sq. mm and demand sharp focus and preferably a fast shutter speed unless on a tripod where the shutter speed can be slower for static subjects.


PS: Check your BP Mail

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10/15/2012 9:14:07 AM

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