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Making pictures in snow and ice

I'd like to get other photography fans to advise me on the best settings and ways to get good quality in snow. Thanks!

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9/14/2011 11:15:26 PM

Carlton Ward
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  Hi Ricardo,
Exposing for the snow is a tad tricky because the camera will try to make your white snow appear as middle-gray :) Metering on the sky is a quick and easy solution but there are more things to consider.
Go to Jim Zuckerman's site and sign up for his newsletter - he has lots of exposure and other topics he talks about that are useful. I will find a past one he sent me regarding snow exposure and send it to you. Don't hesitate to sign up for one of his classes as he is a fantastic instructor :)

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9/15/2011 6:50:08 PM

RICARDO F. SIMAN   Carlton: I thank you so much for your help, will practice, and I'll sing up for Jim's newsletter. I have taken a course with him and I agree, he is a fantastic instructor.

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9/15/2011 7:19:24 PM

Kerry Drager
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  Hi Ricardo,
Great discussion here!

Great ideas from Carlton, and I think the following Jim Zuckerman article - reprinted at BetterPhoto - is the one. In any case, it's an excellent one:

Snow Photography: How to Get a Perfect Digital Exposure!



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9/19/2011 12:00:48 PM

RICARDO F. SIMAN   Thanks for all your help, I have read all this information.

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9/19/2011 12:12:15 PM

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