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karen pasqualucci

Problem with CF Card

I have been using this camera and card for years and never had this issue. I shot a whole raft of pictures, put the card in my PC, copied the images, deleted the files and put the card back in the camera. Now the camera just sits there with a black info screen. All it says is EOS.
If I take the card out, the camera seems just fine, and all the info appears along with the message that there is no card.
I have tried cleaning the card, formatting the card with FAT and FAT32 formats, turned everything off and on and off, changed the battery, blew on the card, blew air gently into the camera, searched in the manual, searched online and I am stuck.
Please help. Thanks!

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12/28/2009 10:31:10 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  Have you checked the camera's card slot to see if any pins are bent or missing? And that none of the card's holes are plugged with dirt or broken pins?

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12/28/2009 7:50:32 PM

karen pasqualucci   Thank you for your response! You are kind. I gave up and took the camera into a camera store and the tech said there were indeed bent pins inside. I appreciate your response - thank you for taking the time and knowing the answer!

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12/28/2009 8:38:16 PM

Bruce A. Dart   Karen and all,
A somewhat lesser known fact about cf cards is that they absolutely need to be reformatted to "erase" the images and NOT erased routinely in camera or on the computer. That is not to say that you can't erase an occasional image by deleting in camera. The problem is that erasing in camera or on the computer is like erasing a chalkboard....there are fragmented bits of image still on the card that will eventually clog up the card and ruin images. Image recovery software will recoup many of the images but some that have fragments all over them will be unusable. Format the card in camera and it is like a brand new card again. It took me a while to find this out, the hard way. Looks like you WERE formatting the card but had other problems. Once in a while too, after lots of use, cards sometimes just wear out and are unusable and have to be thrown away but this is rare, fortunately.


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1/19/2010 5:05:48 AM

Paul D.
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  YES YES YES, always format your card in-camera. I do this everytime I COPY (not move) my images to my hard drives (yes, plural!). Windows can do nasty things to to the file structure of a CF card. Reformat in-camera, and you are good to go. I keep Format on my Favorites menu on my Canon 5D2, to make it easy to get to. I've owned almost 15 different SanDisk cards over the last 4 years and have never had a failure ONCE. I do realize you had a bent-pin issue, but now that you're fixed, Bruce and I obviously want to have you avoid a future disaster! =-)

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1/19/2010 6:59:49 AM

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