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Tara R. Swartzendruber

Eye Wrinkles: Remove or Soften?

When taking photos of seniors and adults, do you take the eye wrinkles out in processing? Do you soften them? I'm wondering what people do or if you could share any techniques. Thanks!!

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11/30/2009 8:11:31 AM

Sandy Hawkins
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/17/2007
  Hi Tara...
I don't remove them entirely, but I certainly do soften them. I want the image to look believable and yet better, if that makes sense. There are many ways to soften wrinkles - from cloning to the healing brush, to layers and blurs. :-)

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11/30/2009 11:15:38 AM

Linda Buchanan   I soften them some with the healing brush, or I use the the Nik Software skin softener at a low opacity. I don't remove them entirely. I usually brighten the eyes and whiten the teeth for senior citizens too, just a very little bit.

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12/1/2009 9:35:18 AM

Nancy    Hi! Tara,
My program allows me to, 1st. soft focus, 2nd. skin smoothing, 3rd. make-up tool, 4th. sometimes I use the clone tool too(before the make-up tool. This especially for shine on the skin. Also I use the digital camera noise removal. This always smooths out the skin.
Best, Nancy

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12/15/2009 12:25:42 PM

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