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Ben F
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/30/2004

Saving Actions in Elements?

I used to use Photoshop (old version), and I could save actions. So, for example, I would resize a photo I've taken and add a 5cm border around it for printing, and I could save those actions so next time I wanted to do it to another photo, all I had to do was click a button and it did it automatically... so easy!!
I'm now using Elements 6 (new to it) and I've been looking for something like this ... does anyone know if you can save actions? Maybe it's called something else now ... lol !!
Any help is appreciated :) Thanks!

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12/12/2007 5:25:11 AM

Robyn Gwilt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/15/2005
  Ben, not sure what 5.5 is (not Elements I take it?) I've used PSE 4 and now have 5, and as far as I know, you can't use actions in Elements :(

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12/12/2007 8:23:31 AM

Richard Lynch
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/12/2005
  Actually, you can use actions in Elements - and I have a Web site (not quite updated, but I got a new computer today that should help me get around to it!) that is dedicated to that amongst other things:
I have add-on tools that enhance what you can do in Elements, and a white paper that talks about how to make actions work in versions 1-4 (needs to be updated for recent versions).
I hope that helps!

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12/12/2007 11:12:15 AM

Nancy Donnell
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/23/2004
  Hi Ben,
I do not use elements, but in photoshop's other versions, you click on actions..Go to Windows- actions, then look for a little black triangle in the upper right, right next to the word Actions. You will see a drop down menu. You have to save the action you created, so hit the words "Save Actions". I would save it to your desktop to find it easily. Then Go back to the triangle after you do this, and you will see the words LOAD ACTION. Click this and it will load it, and you should see it in your actions palette at the bottom, ready to go. I am doing this from memory, so hope I covered all the steps.

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12/18/2007 8:36:15 AM

Jessica  A. Eiss
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/6/2006
  Hey Richard, I didn't realize that was your site. I've been there several times. It would be nice to have updates for PSE6, I guess!

Also You can get actions for elements at

John makes actions for both elements and full version.

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12/20/2007 9:58:31 PM

Richard Lynch
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/12/2005
I am planning on getting out several updates. However, I was much delayed. You see, at home I work on Mac, and, well, I had to buy a whole new computer to get to the PC versions of the programs to make updates (there is no Mac version of Elements for 5 and 6). I couldn't justify the expense. I just bought the computer last week, finally, and it didn't come with the operating system promised or I'd already be working on stuff. But it shouldn't be long now...I've got a lot of things to release for both mac and PC users!


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12/21/2007 4:18:02 AM

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