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Yellow Tint Indoors

How do I get rid of the yellow tint in my wedding or indoor pics? What settings do I need - i.e., White Balance or flash? I have a Canon XT and 580 EX flash. Thanks.

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11/5/2007 7:50:43 AM

The settings you need are:

1) release the Caps Lock key on your keyboard

2) set Auto White Balance on your camera

Have fun!

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11/5/2007 8:12:38 AM

Jon Close
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  Using the flash indoors, you are going to have mixed lighting: incandescent or fluorescent ambient lighting on the background, and the flash on the near subjects. There is not a single white balance setting that can correct both. The ususal (simple) procedure is to set the white balance for your flash-lit subject (i.e. Flash or 6000K), and let the background take on the yellowish cast of the ambient lighting.
The more involved alternative is to set the white balance for the ambient lighting, and then apply a color-correcting gel filter over the flash (not the camera lens) so that the flash output matches the color temperature of the ambient lighting. The color correcting filter will decrease the effective range of the flash somewhat. For example, with typical tungsten incandescent bulbs, set the XT's white balance for Tungsten (3200K) and use a 85B color correcting filter over the 580EX's flash to lower its color temperature from 6000K down to 3200K.

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11/5/2007 9:46:23 AM

Donna  P. Bollenbach   Steve, obviously you want to avoid the color cast altogether, so this is not the best answer. But, if you need to correct the color cast in Photoshop, try experimenting with the "OPTIONS" in levels. I had the same problem recently and I changed the options to "find dark and light" and/or "snap to neutral midtones." This helped without making the images appear too yellow or blue, as other corrections did.(changing white balance, photo filters).


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11/6/2007 4:51:16 AM

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