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Melinda Hambrick
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/19/2005

Pictures of a Wedding Rehearsal

I've been asked by a friend to take pictures of her wedding rehearsal. She's hiring a pro for the real deal, but wanted me - an aspiring amateur - to do the rehearsal. I'm curious if anyone has any tips on what kinds of "moments" I should look to capture.

8/29/2007 5:54:23 PM

Denyse Clark
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/2/2002
  I've shot at rehersal! As an aspiring amateur, you'll find that it's a great time to just practice - as IF it was an actual wedding! For example, what settings to use, where to stand, angles to shoot at, etc. And shoot candids too ... just be on your toes for any candid moments that are interesting. It's good practice for a wedding too, because the candids are the ones people usually love the most. Training yourself to always be watching and anticipating what might be a good shot, that's important.

8/30/2007 9:33:39 AM

Louise Panther

member since: 5/10/2007
  Shooting at the rehersal is a great way to start the thinking process of capuring wedding moments, but in a relaxed and not under as much time restrction. Moments I would look out for are candid of the men doing the boy things together, theyre usually mucking around etc, the girls having gigly moments pratice different angles and taking pictures of different view points. Good luck would love to hear how it goes.

9/4/2007 2:50:22 PM

Melinda Hambrick
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/19/2005
  Thanks to both of you! I appreciate the advice. The rehearsal is this Friday night, so your insight is very timely!


9/4/2007 6:49:27 PM


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