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Gina M. Dockins

Digital Images Look Blue When Processed

We've been learning about our digital camera and took pictures that looked fine when downloaded into the computer. But when I had them processed, they all came out blue, and the lab tech said something about a wrong setting on our camera, but my husband thinks it is the photo place! Help!

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7/29/2007 4:20:24 PM

Christopher Budny
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  Blue suggests to me that your white balance could have been off, particularly for fluorescent. Another thing to consider is whether the lab is doing "color correction" to your images. The first time I uploaded to a lab, and picked up the results, the colors were totally off. I then saw on their Web site, which I'd missed the first time, a tiny checkbox for whether I wanted them to perform color-correction or not.

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7/29/2007 5:01:08 PM

Linda Weekley   I get the blue tint when I process at Sams Club. It is probably the auto color correction the lab does, ask the lab personnel how to turn that off. If they don't know what you are talking about, find another lab.

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7/31/2007 4:48:53 AM

Jeff Beard-Shouse   I don't know if this is your problem, but it could contribute. If your monitor is not calibrated right what you see on screen and what you get printed will be different colors. Alot of monitors have more blue in their white than what you may want. So any color correction you do on that kind of monitor will make the image look more cyan (added cyan to balance it out). I would be more inclined to think it is either white balance in the camera, and/or the lab that you took it to. But this might be worth checking out. I know Vincent Versace has had some good things to say about monitor calibration.

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7/31/2007 7:14:50 AM

Kate Jackson
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  But how about black & white pics. If I change to black and white then with my old printer everything came out blue. My new printer Canon Pixma MP800 comes out red. I have tried just about every different variation of setting there is. When printing colour pics I always move the red on the printer software down to 50% and that comes out fairly accurately. You could say the fault was with my screen in that instance but not with b&w when the pic has been turned to greyscale it still comes out pink.

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8/1/2007 2:54:50 PM

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