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Rock Band Portraits

Hi everyone,
I will be taking my first rock band portrait in a few weeks. I have some ideas on what to do (poses and such), but I wanted to see if anyone with experience with these types of shots, had any suggestions. =) Thanks!

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12/13/2006 7:05:39 AM

TERESA J. SWEET   Oh and yes, I did search the threads for this topic. I just wanted to see if anyone has any "fresh" ideas =)

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12/13/2006 7:33:06 AM

Debbie Del Tejo
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/30/2005
  The only idea I can offer is to listen to their music BEFORE your portrait session. This should awaken your creative juices when doing their portraits and you will know what they are about... try to come up with something that has a unique feel to it and is your own... so many rock bands have the same look. Good luck!

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12/13/2006 7:44:29 AM

Jerry Frazier   All bands want the same thing... a cemetery, railroad tracks, a dirty dingy alley somewhere, an old abandon warehouse. It's all been done, and there is no originality in it. They usually want something very specific and can tell you what they want. Then, just use the background or surrounding area and get killer images.
Don't pose them. Let them do what they want, and capture it.
I'm doing a project with rock bands. If I get some time, I'll post some.

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12/13/2006 7:52:34 AM

TERESA J. SWEET   Thanks for the responses Debbie and Jerry. Hmmmm, I'll see if I can pry myself away from the kids since I'm a stay at home mom too. LOL But good suggestions!

Jerry, good luck with the project and I'd love to see some work when you have a moment!!

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12/13/2006 4:01:26 PM

Oliver Anderson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/16/2004
  Aaron Powell on Model Mayhem, Damir of Notion Photography on MySpace and Michael Vincent do a lot of Rock Band album covers. I think Jack & Coke is the prescription the album doctor orders today.

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12/15/2006 3:22:23 PM

Karolyn Munson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/30/2004
  Bands are fun - you can do things that would look ridiculous for other people, but for a rock band it's edgy and 'hip'. I did one in October - rather on the spur of the moment. We went out in the dark, under a street light with car headlights pointed at them. Of course for a regular portrait this would be terrible because of the shadows cast and such - but for the band they turned out awesome. You can see a few of them in my gallery - they're all titled "SWITCH". Good luck. Biggest thing - just have fun with it!

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12/19/2006 7:12:03 AM

donna m. paul
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/10/2005
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  Hi Teresa, I work a lot with musicians, some of my photos are posted here or at my site you can check them out if you like.

I find that by listening to the music it gives me an idea of what and who they are about, I also attend alot of rehearsals jam sessions to get more of a feel for them, you tend to capture more emotion in the pics.

Good Luck, Have Fun, just cuz it is. Oh and bring a pair of ear plugs just in case..LOL


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12/19/2006 10:28:15 AM

Roy Blinston
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/4/2005
  Could you also send me some links. I would love to see your Band shots. Ta - Roy

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12/19/2006 3:49:52 PM

Oliver Anderson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/16/2004
  I'll attach the links to my friends site. Damir (Notionphotography) is GREAT at that hip edgy ROCK look. Post production is a BIG part of his work but a lot goes into the setup as well.
Michael Vincent has worked with a lot of the same models I work with. He's also very gifted in the post production work that is required to pull off these photos.
check out these sites and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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12/19/2006 4:02:55 PM

TERESA J. SWEET   Thank you everyone for all your great comments and thoughts!! I REALLY appreciate them!!!

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12/19/2006 6:08:47 PM

Roger L. Wilson   I did a job for a local band and what I did was some individual shots as they played and a group photo and used lumipix fotofusion and created a nice collage. It has gotten good reviews from people so far and the band is going to use it for their promo photo.

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12/19/2006 6:26:15 PM

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