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Angela K. Harter

Watermarks on Proofs

I was wondering if anyone knew how to put a watermark of some sort onto a proof in Photoshop cs... Or I guess I should say an easier way! I'd like to be able and save something and just "stamp" it on the proof... Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks in advance, Angie

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10/9/2006 7:30:30 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens   You have to create a brush. Make a new type (vector) layer, type in your copyright info, then go up to the brush palette, click on the little paper icon (that looks like the corner is folded down) and save it. That's it.

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10/9/2006 12:39:27 PM

Angela K. Harter   I will try and do that... Thank you so much!!!

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10/9/2006 1:11:42 PM

Danielle E. Rutter
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/4/2006
  Wow I never knew that! Thanks! Can I do it with something that isn't just plain text? My watermark is my logo.

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10/10/2006 8:08:58 AM

Angela K. Harter   I have worked now for hours and I can't get it... I can't find where to create a new brush and then layer... Not sure what I'm doing wrong! so fustrating!!!!

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10/10/2006 9:14:54 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens   Angela -
Create your type (logo/watermark) with the text tool. If you look in your layers palette, you'll see that you have the type on it's own layer. Control (command if Mac) click on that layer, and that will select all non-transparent pixels. Switch to the brush tool. Now, click on the brush icon up top in the toolbar and that will give you a dropdown menu. (This is a place I'm sure you've changed your brush settings before, like hardness/softness, brush size). You'll see a very small little icon/button that looks like a page with the corner turned down. Click on that, and it will give you a pop up to name your new brush. That's it.

Danielle - Unless I'm grossly mistaken, you can only do this on vector layers (shapes, text, etc) not rasterized layers.

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10/10/2006 9:58:14 AM

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