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Richard Herschberger

How to Shoot Glass?

What is the best way to shoot samples of glass, etched frosted dippled, etc., so that it shows the special features of the glass style?

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8/30/2006 2:21:07 PM

Ariel Lepor
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/8/2005
  Have a light hitting the front of it at an angle, so the etches show up in the shot but the direct light doesn't show up on the rest of the glass. You would probably want to shoot the glass with a light or white background.
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8/30/2006 11:45:40 PM

Roy Blinston
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/4/2005
  Light from underneath also !

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9/5/2006 7:19:36 AM

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