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Susan Eginton

Hazy Cityscapes

I was on a cruise around New York Harbor recently and took some photos of the skyline. Unfortunately, there was a hazy sky obscuring the top of the buildings in some cases. I did not know how to compensate for this. Any suggestions?

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11/18/2005 6:50:31 PM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005
  A UV or haze filter can help some. Generally, heavy haze is not a resolvable problem with the exception of post-processing. The key to great cityscapes is patience. :)

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11/18/2005 8:10:24 PM

Justin S.   You could try to use a circle polarizer to cut out a considerable amout of the haze and add pop to that blue sky.

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11/21/2005 8:27:14 PM

Susan Eginton   Thanks for the suggestions.

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11/25/2005 7:26:01 PM

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