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Jorge Diaz Kropman

Canon Rebel 2000 vs. Nikon N65

Hello, I'm a beginner photo fan and I am looking for my first SLR camera. My budget is near US$400 and the best (in my opinion) cameras that I have found are the Canon Rebel 2000 and the Nikon N65.

I personally prefer N65 due to its 2.5 frame per second while Canon 2000 is 1.5 and I want to take sports photos, but this is how a beginner thinks...

Could some of you help me with your opinion? I will really appreciate your comments... (I will receive any kind of comments like "guy, why don't you by a Pentax because..." and I will appreciate them !!!)
Regards, Jorge.

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6/23/2001 9:23:40 AM

Ray Blur   Personally I think this is an easy one Jorge... Go for the Nikon. With a metal lens mount it is definitely the better buy for long term use. The canon has a plastic mount, like most of there lower priced cams.

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6/26/2001 7:31:20 PM

Jorge Diaz Kropman   Thank you Ray. I appreciate you time answering my question. I have seen too many ads for Rebel 2000 and very few ones for N65. I know this is only marketing, but it scared me a bit...
Your advise is very useful for me.
Thank you...
Regards, Jorge.

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6/27/2001 7:23:22 AM

Elaine S. Robbins
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/14/2000
  I don't know if this is too late to help you, but...

I was in your exact situation a few months ago. I decided on the Canon 2000, mostly because the first time I held the N65 I jammed my thumb in my eye trying to turn the wheel on the back (shutter speed?). People whine ;) about the plastic lens mount and overall lightness to the Canon, but I've found I like it. Modern plastic is tough stuff. I took it hiking in the Badlands of North Dakota (pretty rugged terrain) and all that happened to it was I had to blow it out w/a can of air to get rid of about a mountain of dust in it. Plenty strong enough for me. The lightness and compactness is a huge plus for me as well. The metering system seems pretty good too, with a approx. 10% "spot-metering" feature that has come in handy. The on-camera flash is crap, though.

So for what its worth a month after you posted this question, I'd recommend the Canon.


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7/26/2001 11:38:45 AM

Jorge Diaz Kropman   Thank you Elaine, it's not too late. I have been planning my wedding and this delayed the purchase. I believe I will buy the camera in September, so I'm still investigating.
Thank you very much...
Regards, Jorge.

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7/26/2001 12:01:46 PM

River Side   I'm in the same decision making phase as yourself, but to me it looks like the Canon is an easier pick over the Nikon.

I discussed these cameras with a knowledgable salesperson at Wolf Camera and he suggested that overall Canon focuses in faster than Nikons cuz the autofocus is on the lens instead of the body. He also pointed out that most sports photographers use a Canon.

The 2.5 fps advance on the Nikon is restricted to it's Sports mode. With Canon you will have greater freedom.

I'm still pondering.. I think I will probably opt for the Nikon cuz I won't need the few extra features that the Canon has over it.

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9/11/2001 12:09:20 AM

Ric    I hope you have not purchased that NIKON

Go CANON, just starting out in sports photog work is difficult enough, if you go to the war without a CANON you will most certainly be beaten

Good luck

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9/15/2001 7:20:13 PM

Mike    This maybe to late(my computer has been down for some time) but I will throw my two cents in anyhow. I was in the exact same perdicament 1 1/2 years ago. I did some big time research and ask questions at abut 8-10 different photo shops from Seattle to Toronto. Everyone of them recommended the Nikon either F60 or 80. I chose the 60 due to price and toys I didn't need as an amateur (this was pre F65). also has a short questionaire you could answer on-line and it would help with the decision. I took it after I had already purchased my camera and the result was the Nikon F65. I also read in some internet articals that about 70% of professional photgrahers use Nikon. It all comes down to what your needs are. If your still looking and go to a few photo shops be specific when telling them what level of photographer you are and where you want to go with it. The more you ask, the better decision you will make. By the way, I love my Nikon and wouldn't trade for another make.


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9/16/2001 9:22:31 AM

Mike Turner   I too have made this difficult decision, my conclusion - rebel 2000.

I have had no problems with it and it has a lot of functions that I still have to master. I am no professional by any means and it has features that make it the best of both worlds. Completely manual, partially manual, to complete automatic. It also has features like bracketing, double exposure, and bulb(?) (the technique used to make the really narley pictures of lightning). Anyway, I am not sure if the Nikon offers all the same features, but the Rebel 2000, I think was my best purchase. Another sales point of Canon is that you can rent most of their lens from many stores nation wide, so that you don't have to buy lenses that you will only use once or twice. I don't know, it will be a tough decision for you but what I did was go around you town to camera shops and ask the clerks and get more than one opinion. Good luck.

Mike T.

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9/17/2001 12:19:21 PM

Jorge Diaz Kropman   Hello people.
This is just to say THANK YOU ALL for your time and assistance with this.
I came back from my honeymoon last Saturday and I have finally purchased my camera.
I really appreciate your time for helping me with your comments. I'm a beginner now but be sure I'll be ready to help you all as much as I could...
Thank you all and we talk soon...

Just for comment, I bought an N-65. In my case Nikon defeated Canon for the use I think I will with my camera. Time will say,haha...
Thank you, JOrge

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10/3/2001 7:38:41 AM

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