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Andrew Laverghetta
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/13/2004

Slide Show on CD: How to Do It?

Hi! I'm looking to put some pictures on a CD so I can show them to people - or anything else that comes up. But I don't just want to put a bunch of pictures on a CD and force somebody to click on them or open them specially. Is there some way or program that I can use to combine photos into a slide show that will autoplay on a PC? Thanks!

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5/7/2005 10:05:47 PM

Michael Cocita   I use Pinnacle Studio, which allows you to customize your slide show to do whatever you want. You can force it to start automatically or come up with a menu with chapters. You can also add music, and it has great transitions you can add between photos. You can either burn them to CD or DVD. But there are several programs that you can use, like Roxio, Adobe Photoshop Album, etc. ... I like Pinnacle because you can customize everything the way you want. Have fun.

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5/8/2005 1:47:51 PM


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5/10/2005 9:37:07 AM

Susan Bohanon
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/8/2004
  I use Roxio Easy Media Creator.

DO NOT get Nero. Atleast if you do and it asks you to import photos don't do it because if you ever delete them from the program it automatically deletes them from your hard drive.

I went round and round with their Tech Support because it's the dumbest thing to do to a program.

I am tempted to get Pinnacle, but I just can't bring myself to buy yet one more program!! :)

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5/10/2005 9:51:30 AM

Eli Boyajian   Andrew

I have 2 recommendations.

First, download a free copy of Google's Picasa2 - it uses Google's file indexing technology to help you quickly organize and locate all your images. I think it is just the slickest piece of software. Though I haven't tried, you can create movies with a soundtrack that can be exported/shared. See

My second recommendation is PhotoJam from This is software specifically designed to create slideshows with transitions, soundtracks, etc. It works on a timeline approach where you can control what happens and when. The standard version is $29. Visit the site and search on PhotoJam - there's also a FAQ.


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5/10/2005 11:12:03 AM

Michael McCook
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  I've recently tried Pro Show Gold 2.5, by Photodex. It was reccommended to me by another BP member. You can add music or sound clips on a time line, and even pan, zoom and rotate your images to give them motion. It has over 280 transition effects and it's easy to use too! It does everything I want it to do so far. I even made a screen saver show with it.

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5/10/2005 11:17:24 AM

Sharon C. Nickodem
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/28/2005
  I am also using Pro Show Gold. It is easy to use, very flexible, lots of good features. Sharon

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5/10/2005 2:23:15 PM

Scott Pedersen   I use the one packaged with paintshop pro 7. Jasc Media Center Plus 3.Seems to work fine. Are you sure you don't have one now? There usually is a slideshow program packaged with photo programs.

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5/11/2005 4:36:13 AM

John P. Sandstedt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/8/2001
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  You can use Microsoft Powerpoint. Upload your pictures [JPEG or TIFF files OK, but PPT woon't acept PSD files]as slides in a Powerpoint file. Be sure to save the file as a PPS file - that way your recipients don't need to have Powerpoint installed on their computer.

One word of caution. The resulting file, especially if your pictures are in TIFF format will be quite large. So, you'll still have to burn a CD rather than send the file via e-mail. Of course, you can get around this if you shrrink your file and reduce resolution to 72 ppi.

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5/11/2005 7:13:48 AM

Norbert Maile   It depends wheather or not you are wanting profesional results. Adobe makes a good one which costs maybe $150-$200 for the package, or InterVideo Win DVD makes a cheaper version. It works pretty good. Maybe not all the bells and whistles but still nice results.

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5/11/2005 7:25:00 AM

Andrew Laverghetta
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/13/2004
  Currently I have Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft office (newest) along with Powerpoint and Frontpage.

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5/11/2005 11:22:11 AM

Patrick    I use 'Photo Story 3 for Windows' from Microsoft and am happy with the results. It's free and easy to use. You can add music and choose from varied picture transitions. It actually creates a video file for viewing. You can download it from:

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6/2/2005 5:18:26 AM

Andrew Laverghetta
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/13/2004
  Ok, it's me again! I tried downloaded Photo Story 3 for Windows a while ago and it won't let me do it from this computer. It's my parents computer and they have Windows ME while I have XP Professional. I would really like to get it to try it out but it would even let me download it because of the operating system. Is there any other way I could get it? I already emailed microsoft and hopefully they'll get back to me soon. Thanks!

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6/3/2005 12:33:46 AM

Abelz Babelz   well I can advise you to try this imaged vidio - easy to use and good quality work.

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9/1/2006 5:45:27 AM

Jerry Frazier   ...people, please remember that it is illegal to use copyrighted music for this purpose.

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9/1/2006 9:54:19 AM

anonymous A.    PhotoShow deluxe is my recommendation: I have used all of the options listed here, but PhotoShow has all the features of the others, and a lot more besides, and will create a show from any set of pictures almost instantly: and it includes hundreds of professional, royalty-free music in dozens of styles, themes, amazing transitions, animations... They also give you a free website to upload you photoshows for others to see, burns CDs DVDs, makes executable, self-running CDs... the lot. AND it acts as a files organiser.

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9/2/2006 5:14:37 AM

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