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Jesse C. Plummer
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/2/2007

Photoshop CS or Elements?

I use a film camera and take a lot of nature shots and street shots. I want to make minor adjustments and convert to B&W and remove flaws and things like that. Would Elements suffice or should I consider banging out the money for CS? I hear CS2 is close to being released too ...

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5/6/2005 1:15:33 PM

Peter K. Burian
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/8/2004
  Jesse: CS2 has been released but is very expensive. I believe that 90 percent of photo enthusiasts would be happy with Elements 3.0. You can do everything you want to with this affordable program.

The question is how to do it. It's not a simplistic program. That's why you find a lot of books about using Elements 3.0.

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5/7/2005 6:37:22 AM

Donna R. Wageman
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/27/2005
  Thank you for the question--I was wondering the same thing.
I have been using Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10-------does anyone know how this program compares to Adobe.
I also use different plug-ins which are awesome with my host program.
Should I purchase Adobe"

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5/10/2005 7:12:50 PM

Karolyn Munson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/30/2004
  The question is how much control you want to have. The higher end programs require more knowledge of how to use them, but you can do exactly what you want with them. Elements would probably be more user friendly if you just want to dabble with it. For example, in Elements there are several 'auto' adjustments you can make, but in other versions such as 7.0 or above, you can control exactly what adjusts are made and to what extent. Once you learn the more in depth programs, you'll never want to go back, but it's up to you where to start. I'm coming from a background in computers and graphic design, so that's why I prefer the more in depth programs. I feel like I have more freedom with them to "tweak" things just the way I want.

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5/10/2005 7:29:11 PM

Christopher A. Vedros
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/14/2005
I use MS Digital Image Pro 10, and so far I haven't found anything that I needed to do but couldn't do. But that's me. I use it to enhance photos and occasionally do some manipulations or special projects. I'm not about to argue that it's better than PhotoShop, just that it's the better program for me. I've tried out several versions and variations of PS over the years, and never had the time or patience to get past what I saw as a steep learning curve.

I've been using Microsoft products since day 1, and I guess I'm just more comfortable with what I know.

If you're satisfied with Digital Image, stick with it.

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5/10/2005 8:44:36 PM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/7/2005
  I have Adobe 7.0 at home and Elements at work. I get frustrated at work when I want to do something in Elements and realise I can't. I definitely prefer Adobe 7.0, but I like to tinker a lot.

Oh, and the commands are different too!

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5/10/2005 9:14:51 PM

linda ozag
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/8/2005
  I am using Elements and after a year I still don't use all of the tools. It's a good editing program and the price is right. Try it first, then buy the upgrade if you still want more. The more I use the program, the less I do to enhance the photo. Guess it's like getting a new color printer, at first you want to play around and fool with all the colors. Now, I want the photo to look as natural as possible and do as little as necessary to fix up the photo.

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9/20/2005 6:34:49 PM

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