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Bob Moyer

Digital for Low Light and Action

After getting totally confused in reading a lot of reviews on digital cameras (i.e., Syeves, DP, DC, etc.). Can anyone suggest a digital camera? I have looked at the Nikon 8700 and 8800, the Olympus E-300, etc. I am looking for a camera that will allow me to shoot my grandchildren in activities (soccer). low light situations (birthday parties), and when I travel.
Thank you!

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2/3/2005 9:55:45 AM

Andres  Llopart
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/13/2005
I see from the cameras that you mention that you have some money to spend in a good camera. For the purpose that you are looking for, I strongly recommend you choose a DSRL and not a fixed-lens camera. Why? Because DSRLs have superior photo capabilities and quality, especially in low-light situations in which you can use higher ISOs with no noise on the picture. They have almost no shutter lag, and the ability to exchange lenses gives you flexibility to use superb optics for any type of situation.

Know which brand to use? I see that you mentioned the Olympus E300. This is a good camera, but if your budget can afford it, check the Nikon D70 or Canon 10D - or, even better, the 20D. If budget is a limit, then the Canon Digital Rebel is your camera. No one can beat the price/quality for this DSRL. You can find it under $700 on the Internet. Use those extra dollars getting some nice lenses.

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2/4/2005 7:18:51 AM

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