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Karen Low

Labeling Digital Prints

If I am entering a digital photograph in an art show, how do I label it? With a film photograph, you'd write, "(1/number of prints you'll make) Title Name", but since it is a digital print, I could make endless copies. What number should I write?

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1/20/2005 12:16:26 PM

Michael H. Cothran   Karen - Your second sentence implies there's a difference in how many prints can be made from film as opposed to digital, and that is simply not valid. ANY photograph - digital or film-based - can be printed an unlimited amount of times. The "1/#" you refer to is something one would use if YOU, the artist, DECIDE to limit the number of prints you wish to offer to the buying public. It's called a "Limited Edition." YOU MAKE THE DECISION on how many your edition will be, and then you honor that amount. At juried arts and crafts shows, many shows require limited editions of no more than 200, and some 300, for photographic editions. Therefore, most photographers who do limited editions will limit their editions to those amounts. Painters will often have editions in the thousands, since they have to buy that many reproductions at a time to receive a reasonable price per print.
I hope this is what you were asking about!

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1/21/2005 5:29:19 AM

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