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Nancy L. Nagel

Buying Portable Digital Storage

Does anyone have any experience with the SmartDisk Flash Trax or the Epson P-3000 Multimedia Storage V iewer??

I'm so interested but want to be sure. I shoot only Raw and I know they both will upload raw but the Epson says it displays up to 8.9 megs--each Raw is more than that. I'm going to call the company also but would like recommendations from users. THANKS SO MUCH.

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11/29/2004 9:26:31 AM

Michael E. Johnson   I do not have any experience with those, but wouldn't be cool if the new photo I pod could handle raw images with the belkin flash card reader? With 60 gig of space you could hold alot of pictures until you get home to the computer.

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11/30/2004 12:54:51 AM

Damian P. Gadal
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  Check out the Nixvue Vista....

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11/30/2004 5:52:50 AM

Susan Bohanon
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/8/2004
  Hi Nancy!

I was wondering if you had ever made a decision on this. I am researching the Flash Trax right now. Dell says it and my husband is an employee at Dell so we would get a discount, but I'm just curious to hear if it's any good.

Thank you!

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3/3/2005 10:49:16 AM

Andrew Laverghetta
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/13/2004
  I have a similar question. I went to a computer shop while walking buy. It happened to be a MAC shop and I stopped in, inquiring about laptops for storage or once I filled my cards at an event. The sales person suggested an iPOD. He said they actually did make card readers and that it was possible to transfer the picture files to an ipod. Has anybody tried this or used it? What would the read speed be like? Thanks!

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3/5/2005 9:25:19 PM

Tony Sweet
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  All of these things are VERRRRY slow. I have the ipod card reader and have used it 2 times. It's like watching paint dry. Other pro friends of mine own the FlashTrax and it's sitting in their offices gathering dust. The answer: Get more flash cards (1 or 2 gig) and write to CD's after the days photography, burning them on your laptop. You'll find that digital photography can be much more expensive than the shooting film by the time you buy flash cards, hard drives, laptops, etc....all of these continually upgrading.

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3/6/2005 2:54:42 AM

Nancy L. Nagel   Hi Everyone interested in a storage device! Tony is very right. After a lot of research I didn't buy one. In my area, by the time I bought accessory items for the Flash Trax I would ha ve spent around $500 and I decided to save for a PowerBook instead. I've heard they are slow and resolution not good enough to even decide on ones to delete. I am going to buy another 1Gig card and hopefully have a laptop back at the car. I'm usually within a day's walk of my car.

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3/7/2005 6:45:57 AM

Susan Bohanon
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/8/2004
  Thanks everyone!!
Once again, love this site! Kept me from spending money I didn't have. I think we will be going with an additional CF card as well.

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3/7/2005 6:57:18 AM

Matthew J. Heider   Hi Susan,
You might want to check out the Apacer disc steno. It is reasonably fast copying all common digital camera storage media to CDs. It will even prompt you to insert a second CD if the card has more than 700 MB on it. It also comes with an internal rechargable lithium battery.

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3/13/2005 8:02:08 PM

Dave Macmillan   Susan -
This is my first responce to the forum but I needed to know the same as you concerning digital storage. The Epson P 2000 has been recommended to me by many people. There is also one called Fortress that Moose and Vincent Versace swear by. The unit is warrantied for a fall of 6ft to concrete. It comes with a 8 bit buffer making downloading fast. It has a 40g, 60, 80g and 100 gig hardrive to store everything. It's a bit pricey. I would love to hear from other members about their choices and why.

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4/21/2005 3:39:32 AM

Fool Stop   In fact, these are simple gadgets.
Nothing very hi-tech.
I have been using this one for my whole India trip, transferring more than 16G of Raw and jpeg files from my CF cards to this "digital wallet"

It cannot review or delete the files but who cares, will you delete the files before you back home?

There is only two buttons, on/off and copy. That's it.

Very Cheap, less than USD$80 for the box and you can buy your own 2.5" hard disk if you like which cost about USD$70 for a 20G hdd.

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4/21/2005 7:57:02 AM

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