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Terry  L. 

Removing Objects from a Photo

Hi,I have PhotoImpact 8 and I can't figure out how to take a photograph and take out a certain object you may not want in the photograph. And I am talking about a digital photograph. Any suggestions helpful! Thanks, Pansey

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11/19/2004 12:05:34 PM

Kip T. Berger
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/20/2002
  Since you said "take out a certain object you may not want in the photograph", you want to keep the rest of the image intact? Your best option then is to take a surrounding area adjacent to the image you wish to delete and use your clone tool to place that over top the object you wish removed or hidden.
Depending on the object's size you wish to remove, and the amount of "background" of which to clone over that object will determine how time-consuming or difficult it will be. When you click on your clone tool icon in the left toolbar, you determine what is to be cloned by moving the mouse cursor to that area and pressing the shift key. That sets the source area to be used during the clone process.
Then, holding down the muse or graphics tablet pen, you move it over top the area you wish to hide. As you move the mouse/pen right, left, up, down, etc., the area used to clone is mirrored. So you have to watch that you don't go outside the area you wish to use as the clone material.

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11/19/2004 3:32:13 PM

George F. Howard
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/6/2004
  This site has an article that explains the cloning process.

Follow this link:

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11/20/2004 7:36:19 AM

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