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How to Download from Computer to Disk

I have downloaded my photos from my camera to my computer ... now how do I store them on disk? I am getting a new computer this weekend, and I don't want to lose my photos. Or, secondly, can they be sent to a developer to process???

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11/5/2004 5:39:37 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  You need a CD burner. Or, if you don't have a way to take them from your old computer to the new one, you can put them on a bunch of floppies and transfer to the new computer that way. There are places that you can email to and have them printed. I've never used them, though.

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11/5/2004 11:03:19 AM

Bob Cournoyer
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/9/2003
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  Or if you have a USB port ... one of those little finger-size zip drive things that are fairly inexpensive depending on how many pics you have.

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11/5/2004 6:55:26 PM

Kip T. Berger
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/20/2002
  Darcy, what are you doing with your old computer? I'd take the old hard drive and use it in the new computer as a slave/secondary HD. Then just drag or copy the pictures to the new drive. Then format the old drive and partition to use it solely for picture backup. This way, if the system crashes from the C drive, you'll still be able to hook up the D/secondary drive to another computer to access your pictures.

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11/6/2004 10:02:10 AM

Scott Pedersen   You can get a cable that either plugs into your serial port or USB and transfer all your files over to the new computer. Your windows manual will have the details for that. Another way you could do it is to upload to online storage, this however would be slow depending on amount of data and if you use a dialup internet service. Of course you can just take the card out and bring it to a photofinisher to have them printed too. Just judging by your post, you don't seem to have too many pictures, just whats on the camera. You can also send them to an online photofinisher too. You really should have a way to back up your files either to a CD/DVD or different hard drive. If your new computer don't have one Tiger has burners and drives.

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11/9/2004 4:33:54 AM

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