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Photography Question 
Mike Brookshire

member since: 7/23/2004

Flash Photos in A Large Room

I will be taking photos this evening at a church event with my Canon 300D and will very likely be using my Canon flash. Is there a particular way I can orient the flash to get photos that don't look like they were taken with a disposable? The ceiling is approx. 10 feet and made of high white ceiling tile. I will be taking photos of people, singers and speakers ... most of them will be on the stage. I will have an 18x70 mm lens and a 70x200 mm lens at my disposal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

10/7/2004 10:37:51 AM

Doug  Elliott
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/18/2004
I don't think I am in time to help you with your shoot. How did it come out?
If I am ahead of the curve, I would like to suggest that you use your flash with tilted up at a 45-degree angle with a white card. A rubber band and a 5 x 7 white card works well. Use your 70 to 200. Most of your shots will be in the 120 to 150 range. If you have the time, get a friend to stand in the area where the performers will be entertaining. Shoot a few test exposures. You are striving to define an area where you will be shooting between 90 to 125 of a second at f8 to f11.
Hope this info will help.
Good Shooting

10/7/2004 6:11:20 PM

Kathy Zinn

member since: 8/1/2002
  Michael I am curious about the rubber band being used with the with card. Is this something that is used like those mini softboxes they have for flash? Thanks.

10/13/2004 12:57:14 PM


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