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Micki B.

Are There Guidelines for Managing Income?

I am somewhat new to photography. I have had my business for 2 years and am growing. Up until now almost everything I make I'm putting back into the business (buying backdrops, website, equipment, etc.) but now I'm wanting to manage it better - are there good books/guidelines on photographers business practices? For instance, is 5% or 20% of income reasonable for marketing? Any good tips or references would be helpful. Thanks!

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9/19/2004 9:07:04 AM

Kerry Drager
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  Hi Micki: I won't be much help for you, but I know someone who can help! That would be instructor Vik Orenstein, whose book on this subject - Photographers Market Guide to Building Your Business - is sold through the BetterPhoto store. For information:

Good luck in your career, Micki!
Kerry Drager

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9/20/2004 10:32:56 AM

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