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Wendell Woolford

Sunlight Blocking Subject on Screen

I can't see subject when taking pictures outside - too much sunlight.

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9/3/2004 12:17:05 PM

Damian P. Gadal
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/22/2002
  Does the camera have a viewfinder?

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9/3/2004 12:19:05 PM

Steven Chaitoff
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/22/2004
  The one unfortunate downfall of the LCD screen. Well, the easiest thing I can think of is just to cup it with your hand to keep some light away from it. Some people say take a finished toilet paper roll and place it over the screen and then look down into it, but plan to look really weird and awkward. There are companies that actually sell little covers to go over the screen to cut down on the light, but you're gonna have to pay.

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9/3/2004 2:06:22 PM

Scott Pedersen   Here's a wild thought, but it would work: Try looking at it under a towel.

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9/5/2004 5:10:15 AM

Alistair    Hi Wendell. A problem that bugs us all I'm afaid however a year or so ago Digitial Preview ( had a posting giving instructions on how to make one. I have tried to find it again but sorry no luck. I have same problem with my Coolpix 885 but the back of the camera is too small to use a DIY hood so I always use the viewfinder.
Anyway you may be lucky and have one of
the readers here who will be able to guide you to the DIY posting or something similar.
All the best

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9/14/2004 7:30:02 AM

Scott Pedersen   Outdoo photographer has an article on hoods for them and they mentioned the towel idea too. But they looked at LCD hood and magnifiers. That can give you some ideas. Its the Oct.2004 issue page 88. Hope thats more helpful.

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9/15/2004 8:37:40 PM

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