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Diane Dupuis
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How to Fix Flash Caught in Eyeglasses

  fix flash caught in glasses
fix flash caught in glasses
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Could someone help me out here? I'm using Photoshop Elements 2.0. How would I go about reducing the flash in the woman's glasses?

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8/10/2004 7:16:06 PM

R.M. Fusco   Hi,
To reduce or eliminate the flash in eyeglasses or glass, try shooting at an angle from the glass, and not straight on, whenever possible. As for using Photoshop Elements, I don't use this program, but I do use Photoshop 6 and 7. To fix this type of problem in Photoshop, I would use the clone tool and clone the flash highlights into the flesh color. You may have to work carefully around the eyes. Perhaps Elements has the clone tool. Good luck.

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8/12/2004 1:09:10 PM

Darrell Jensen   Have the person lift the temple piece (the part of the glasses that is over their ears) of their glasses about 1/2 inch off their ears. This reflects the flash away from the lens, and doesn't distort the shape very much. It also allows correct positioning of the head and face, and allows the look that people are familiar with for that person.

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8/15/2004 8:45:05 AM

Gregory LaGrange
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  low ceiling bounce

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8/16/2004 2:16:10 AM

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