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  Wondering how to use camera filters for special effects? This Q & A discusses every aspect of special effects in photography. Or take a look at Jim Zuckerman's Non-Digital Special Effects online photography course.
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  Multiple Exposures with a Nikon F70/N70
I have a Nikon F70/N70 with a Tamron 28-200mm lens. I've been in a couple of situations where...
9/9/2005 2:02:31 PM
  Soft Pictures: How to Get Them?
Hi,I am just wondering: How do you get pictures that look soft? For some pictures, I know you don...
1/11/2006 7:03:26 PM
  How to Get the Flood Effect?
Hi. I have been looking at many photos that have the flood effect. How is this done? Thanks for t...
11/23/2005 8:58:34 AM
  Dreamy Software
I have seen on this forum a recommendation for a free download of a software that gives a softene...
11/22/2005 8:28:08 PM
  How to Use a Sepia Filter
When using a sepia filter, do I use color or black and white film?...
12/3/2004 1:35:26 PM
  Double-Exposing Moon Shots
I've tied the last two months during full moons to double-expose the moon onto different land...
11/3/2004 4:32:50 AM
  Shooting a Silhouette on Purpose
I have a school project to shoot horse riders in silhouette against a sunset. Now, I have shot si...
7/13/2004 4:20:34 AM
  Sports and Blurred Backgrounds
Hi. I have a Canon A40, with an AIAF mode. I'm not sure, but has this anything to do with blu...
7/10/2004 2:06:09 PM
  How to Shoot Rainbows
I am having problems shooting scenes with optical effects -rainbows, for example. Any tips on thi...
5/12/2004 2:48:05 PM
  How To Do a Double Exposure?
Okay, I understand the part about multiple exposures adding density to the film. So I guess that ...
3/17/2004 4:45:49 PM
  Infrared Flash Photography?
I hope this isn't too obvious of a question, but I'm wondering about shooting infrared fi...
12/24/2003 5:41:32 AM

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