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Photography QnA: Problems with Images

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Category: What's Wrong With My Photographic Technique? : Problems with Images

Have questions regarding resizing photos for websites? How about taking pictures without shadows? Check this section out to find some answers.

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Photography Question 
Lucille "Lucy" Abrao
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 2/2/2009
  81 .  Copyright Symbol
I recently bought a new laptop that doesn't have the number pad to the right of the keyboard. Now I can't put the copyright symbol on my pictures. Does anyone know how to get that symbol to work. This computer also uses Window 7.

Lucy Abrao

8/2/2010 6:15:02 PM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/17/2003
  Copyright Symbol

8/7/2010 1:40:03 AM

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Photography Question 
Irene Colling
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 1/11/2008
  82 .  Square Photo Size for Upload
Is it possible to upload a square photo to Better Photo? What size should it be to retain original quality and sharpness? There is no long side or short side.

I have uploaded the same photo in various sizes but the web version is always disapointing. The same image looks good on my other web site where no resizing is done by the host.

I've tried 800 pixel square and down to 600 pixels but the loss in quality is significant. Do I have to resort to creating an landscape white image and place the square in the center?

7/22/2010 6:47:43 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/11/2003
  Unless they've changed the display sizes for the newer formatted deluxe sites, make it 480.
Making it any bigger always made it come out a little softer.

7/22/2010 1:33:17 PM

  Thanks Gregory. Making the photo smaller did not help, in fact the small sized square photo was really poor because BP upsized the photo and it was quite degraded.

I recieved an email reply from BP support and they suggested making the image a higher number of pixels, 1600 and more.

The image that I kept in my gallery is 1200 pixels square and saved as a tiff. I uploaded a jpeg too just for comparison. In this case the tiff seemed slightly higher in quality than the jpeg.

Here is the photo I was attempting to upload.

My Circle

7/22/2010 7:01:42 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/11/2003
  Galleries display bigger photos than deluxe sites.
I would use whatever size the galleries display as, and try adding extra sharpening. A little more than you would normally do for printing or looking at on your own monitor.
The deluxe sites are like that. It was recommended on the upload page to make photos 500 on the short side. But people noticed they came out a little soft. Then it was found out they actually displayed at 480, and uploading at 480 took some of the softness away. And adding a little extra than what you're used to sharpening made them look as you expected them to look on the deluxe site.
So try that.

7/22/2010 7:46:00 PM

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Photography Question 
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 4/23/2007
  83 .  Reflections in Car Windshield
I went to my first car show this last weekend and I have reflections in the windhields of some of my photos while not in others. Would someone please tell me how I can avoid this in the future? Also, how can I remove it from an image in Photoshop?

7/20/2010 9:24:23 PM

  Not much you can do about it..Use a polarizer, that helps a little, but from some angles, you will get reflections...also in the chrome bumpers.

7/21/2010 4:29:51 AM

Alan N. Marcus

member since: 3/4/2006
  Reflections can help or hinder. Sometimes we what reflections as they can make our images more appealing. Sometimes reflections are distracting. Your first defense is your view through the camera's viewfinder. We all need to pay more attention as we compose. Sometimes all we need to do is to change our position seeking a viewpoint that minimizes reflections.

When a change of position will not help, we mount a polarizing filter. This filter is the only accessory that can mitigate reflections. A polarizing filter looks gray but it has the ability to diminish reflections from many surfaces particularly glass and water. Additionally a polarizer will darken blue sky causing the clouds to stand out in bold relief. Most will tell you that the polarizing filter is the most valuable one to have in your gadget bag.

This filter mounts in front of your camera lens. The design of the filter allows you to turn it (rotate). You rotate as you compose because its effect as to reflection removal and sky darkening changes as you make this adjustment.

Polarizing filters come in two flavors. Linear, this is a standard polarizing filter, the type used with film cameras and as lenses in 3D movies and sunglasses. A linear work just fine most times but -- some cameras, particularly digital have within their auto focusing mechanism a polarizing filter. Thus sometimes if we mount a polarizing filter it will cause a malfunction. To avoid, most digital photographers purchase a Circular Polarizing filter. This filter is actually two filters sandwiched together. The first one does the polarizing deed and the second layer shuffles the polarized light in a way that it won't adversely affect your camera's automation. Thus the circular polarizer is now the most popular flavor.

You might want to try an experiment using the 3D movie glasses or polarized sunglasses. You can hold one of these lenses in front of your camera. Looking through the viewfinder at cars and glass windows, rotate this hand-held lens to see the different effects. You can take a picture or two to see how the polarizer effect reflections. No need to tell you that sunglasses and 3D movie lenses yield substandard results compared to a quality camera filters. However, while awkward to use, this experiment will give you a peek into the world of polarization.

7/21/2010 8:34:25 AM

  Carolyn & Alan, thank you both very much for taking the time to answer my question. I will have to buy myself a filter in the near future.

7/22/2010 12:04:41 PM

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Photography Question 
Patricia A. Coblentz
BetterPhoto Member
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Patricia's Gallery

member since: 7/6/2008
  84 .  Problem: Image color changes when uploading to BP
I am having trouble with the colors in my images changing when uploaded onto BP. Particularly reds, hence blues. I'm on a Mac, using CS3. I resize, etc, then save to web. Then, save as a jpeg. (All looks great.It is not a calibration issue) Then I upload to BP and the colors are way off!! My image embedded profile starts as NIKON D300...I change it to working space Adobe RGB 1998.
This is a HUGE problem. Does anyone know what the solution might be? I would sure appreciate feedback.
Thank you,

6/30/2010 9:38:29 PM

  Patti, before uploading to any site for web display, you need to change the colour space to sRGB (with a bunch of numbers and letters after the sRGB which I don't remember).

7/1/2010 10:13:39 AM

  Hi Kay...thanks so much for responding. I am doing that, but it still isn't working. So baffled..I'm working on it now. :)


7/1/2010 10:18:53 AM

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Photography Question 
Celeste McWilliams

member since: 7/20/2004
  85 .  Issues with Exposure / Fill Lighting
  lighting issue
lighting issue
P setting, 1/250 at F20, ISO 250, flash TTL +0.3 exposure

P setting, 1/250 at F11, ISO 250, flash TTL +0.3 exposure

© Celeste McWilliams
Nikon D300 Digital...

I have a Nikon D300 and SB-800 speedlight. When I shot photos today, I got one of two options: background was exposed decent but the people were too dark [LEFT PHOTO], or the people were exposed better but the background was washed out [RIGHT PHOTO]. I had speedlight set on TTL.

What is recommended for settings? Should I set camera on Manual setting [was on P in these photos] and then adjust speedight? I'm just looking for balanced backgrounds and subjects. I can fix/combine photos in Photoshop, but really don't want to do this for every single photo.


6/30/2010 7:09:44 PM

Celeste McWilliams

member since: 7/20/2004
  Also, should I set exposure for full frame or center-weighted?

7/1/2010 9:14:13 PM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/18/2000
  I don't know why the 2nd with flash in P mode didn't use the same ambient exposure (1/250 and f/20) as the first. Looking at the D300 manual, p. 172, there are 2 iTTL settings. Maybe you've selected "standard iTTL flash" where "brightness of the background is not taken into account." What you want instead is "iTTL balanced fill flash".

Better yet, set the D300/SB800 for FP High Speed Sync (Auto FP, p. 288 in the D300 manual, p. 60 in the SB800's). Then then you can use a shutter speed higher than 1/250 with the flash so that you can use f/11 or f/8 without the washing out the sky.

7/2/2010 6:47:46 AM

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Photography Question 
Meghan Gonski

member since: 9/7/2007
  86 .  Club Needs Members
If you love to give and recieve feedback on your photos and participate in a small monthly theme just to get out and shoot. Join the Capturing Time Photographers on Betterphoto. We are a small group right now and except upto 15 members. Take a look at the site and see if you would like to join.


6/27/2010 9:11:09 PM

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Photography Question 
Jennifer E. Fitzsimmons

member since: 10/5/2009
  87 .  Indoor Portraits with Manual Mode
I am currently learning how to shoot in manual mode with my Nikon D60. I feel like I pretty much have it down when it comes to outdoor photographs, but indoor is another story. How should I set up the manual mode to take a picture with enough light without having to have the flash on? In the manual mode with the flash, there is a delay in taking the picture once the shutter release is pressed. I am missing out on a lot of great photos of my children because of this. If I don't use the flash, the picture is way too dark. I keep changing back to auto mode and that makes the pictures look a shade of blue (which I then have to edit). Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

6/25/2010 1:56:52 AM

Lisa C. Lloyd

member since: 12/7/2005
  Try using Aperture mode. You still have creative control over Depth of Field, but the camera sets the remainder of the exposure. Otherwise, I worry that you'll have to decrease your shutter speed to such a low number that you'll be bombarded with blur.
Happy shooting!

6/25/2010 11:07:38 AM

  Set your ISO to 800. Your meter should still read the light so center the little arrowhead in the middle of the scale (in the viewfinder). Try to shoot at least 1/100 second. After your first photo, you can decide if you want to adjust your shutter speed or aperture.
You may want to adjust both. Don't worry if when doing this adjustment that the little arrow indicates that you are overexposing. Remember, you are controlling the camera and not letting it decide everything. If ISO 800 isn't fast enough and you want to avoid noise, I recommend that you use the built-in flash. If it still comes out too blue, set your color balance to shade or cloudy. Take a few test shots when the kids aren't around so you will have an idea where to set it when they are inside playing. The great thing about digital is you can see the results immediately and it doesn't cost anything but time. Did you set the camera for flash when using it? If not, that could be a problem with the color balance.
Good luck.

6/25/2010 3:12:57 PM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/18/2000
  "...In the manual mode with the flash there is a delay in taking the picture once the shutter release is pressed. I am missing out on a lot of great photos of my children because of this. ..."

My guess is the delay is due to the camera's red-eye reduction feature. This will flicker a lamp for a second or two to get the subject's irises to close. Try turning it off (see p. 65 of the D60 instruction manual).

6/28/2010 5:01:33 AM

Jennifer E. Fitzsimmons

member since: 10/5/2009
  Thanks everyone for your feedback! Jon, I did take a look at the flash and you were right, I had it on the red-eye reduction. I turned it off and now the picture takes right away! I can't believe it was that simple to fix! Thanks so much.

7/1/2010 9:13:33 PM

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Photography Question 
Brad Basham
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/6/2009
  88 .  Gallery chooses for basic membership
Where is the option to change themes on the basic membership?


6/23/2010 6:38:41 AM

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Photography Question 
Wayne L

member since: 11/14/2004
  89 .  CS2 won't open raw images
Have been using PS2 for a while and it worked fine on all of my images. Then I had a larger new HD installed and I reinstalled PS2 and now it won't open the same raw files.I get this message box " Could not complete the request because it is not the right kind of document"

The same files the same program made. MG RAW

Thanks Wayne

6/10/2010 6:08:29 PM

  Did you download all the available upgrades off of Adobes site? Not sure what would be available still. Did you by any chance upgrade your camera as well? My guess is that you don't have the right upgrade for your camera when you re-installed it from the disc.

6/16/2010 7:17:20 PM

  Yes, that is the problem.

However, Adobe stopped supporting CS2 a long time ago. So, there is NO available update that you can download at this time for CS2.

Any update that you will find now, will work only with *much* more recent versions of Photoshop.

I am not aware of any solution for your problem. Hopefully someone will have a suggestion.

If not, then you might need to use the software that came with your camera. OR buy the cheapest Adobe software that supports your camera's RAW format.

You don't say which camera it is; an older model I guess if PS2 was able to open its RAW files.

Photoshop Elements 7 may still be available and it supports all but the most recent cameras' RAW formats.

Make sure to buy the Mac or Windows version, depeding on the OS you use.

It's quite inexpensive now, since Elements 8 was released. $43 versus $85.

Cheers! Peter

6/30/2010 7:21:58 AM

Rainer and Simone Hoffmann

member since: 6/21/2006
  Hi Wayne,

one solution to your problem would be to download the free DNG-Converter from the Adobe Website and batch convert all your RAW files from the proprietary RAW format of the camera manufacturer to the DNG format. PS CS2 can then read and open the DNG files. The DNG files are RAW files as well, so nothing is lost.

If you don't like the idea of converting all your images, try this link:

It has all versions of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) from 2.4 to the latest 6.2. For PS CS2 ACR 3.7 should be ok. If it doesn't work, try an earlier version.

Hope this helps.


9/9/2010 8:04:58 AM

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Photography Question 
Alan Garner

member since: 7/27/2006
  90 .  Uploading from Lightroom
I would really like to be able to upload to BetterPhoto from LR as easily as I can to Flickr. Is there a LR plug-in for BP? If not, any chance of one becoming available?

I rarely upload photos anymore because it is just to cumbersome and even worse unrealiable and slow (uploads fail as a result of timeouts because it is taking too long.

6/9/2010 12:59:29 PM

  I wholeheartedly agree and would like to be able to upload from my IPAD as well.

6/10/2010 10:44:43 PM

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