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  Have questions regarding resizing photos for websites? How about taking pictures without shadows? Check this section out to find some answers.
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  Is Cropping Cheating?
It bothers me when I take a nice shot only later to find out after cropping it on my computer tha...
7/19/2004 12:05:26 AM
  Compact Flash Memory Cards
I shoot digital with the Canon 300 and the Canon Eos 1ds. I have several memory cards, all 512mb...
7/13/2004 4:29:47 AM
  Black Corners with Nikon Polarizer
I recently bought a package of three Nikon filters (for a Nikon Coolpix 995). When I use the pola...
7/10/2004 11:28:31 PM
  Blurry Photos with Canon AE-1
I just bought an AE-1 and just had my first roll of film developed. The pictures are sharp at the...
7/8/2004 4:55:21 AM
  White Balance for Indoor Shooting
Hello! I recently purchased a Canon Digital Rebel, and I'm still learning all the bells and ...
6/28/2004 3:09:55 PM
  How to Use
Hi. I have a Nikon N80 and would like to use the "Bulb" mode for taking photographs in the night....
6/7/2004 1:42:40 PM
  What Causes Grainy Pics?
A very basic question: I took several pictures of a fountain on a cloudy day with a 70-300 zoom a...
5/19/2004 6:24:07 PM
  How to Tell How Close I Can Get to Subject
This may sound dumb, but here goes: How do I tell the lens-to-subject minimum focusing distance?...
5/12/2004 2:16:57 AM
  Of Gray Cards and Spot Metering
When using a grey card - provided I have a built-in spot meter - do I spot meter the grey card th...
5/9/2004 7:46:35 AM
  Help With Outside Shots!
Thanks to anyone who can help me! I am having a problem understanding why my photos that I take ...
4/29/2004 12:54:36 PM

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