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  Do you have a suggestion for a Photographers Model Release Form? Include it in this Q&A or simply browse for answers to your questions. Here's an informative article by Brenda Tharp that can help too: Model Releases: When You Need Them, When You Don't.
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  Signed Releases for People Pictures
I would like to take more "on the street" people pictures for my portfolio, and to enter into con...
6/1/2008 11:02:19 PM
  International Library of Photography
About a month ago, I submitted a photo to the International Library of Photography's photo co...
9/19/2006 11:35:43 AM
  Model Releases
Do you need a model release for every photograph you take with a person in it, if you plan on usi...
5/31/2005 7:54:39 PM
  Printable Model Release Forms
Where can I get A printable modelrelease form online? Thank You: ...
1/1/2005 2:44:32 PM
  Photo Etiquette in Holy Places
I was wondering about the etiquette of taking pictures in holy places. Is it intrusive to take p...
6/11/2003 5:02:52 PM
  Model Releases
I spent some time at a local historical site this past summer. In addition to a theatrical perfo...
2/6/2003 9:02:39 PM
  How to shoot moving objects?
My House is kinda dark inside, even with every light on. My Mavica MVC-FD95 set on high flash doe...
4/10/2002 9:49:10 PM
  Medium Format Cameras and Model Releases
I am a amateur although have been photographing for years. At this time - after studying photogr...
  Do I Need a Model Release?
Do I need a model release if the picture is backlit and the person only appears in shadow? It is...
6/11/2012 1:39:11 PM
  Model Release for a Parade?
I recently took a lot of photos at my hometown Homecoming Parade. I want to use some of the shots...
3/22/2012 4:49:32 AM
  Taking Photos of People in Everyday Life
I have been reading some of the Q&A in the newsletters over the last month or so and I have a que...
8/11/2008 9:58:12 AM
  Universities and Colleges: Property Release?
What laws or copyright issues would I run into if I took pictures of school property for intent t...
3/3/2007 9:13:40 AM
  Model Release Forms
I take photos of children while their parents are present and sometimes photos of the parents the...
1/28/2007 2:06:41 AM
  Selling Pictures of Sculptures
A few months ago, I took some pictures of sculptures. The artist allowed me full access to everyt...
1/12/2007 7:45:51 PM
  Releases for Flowers?
If I took a picture of someone's flowers that was very close-up and you can't see anythin...
12/6/2006 12:31:16 PM
  Release for Shooting Lighthouses
I have photographed numerous lighthouse around the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays. I believe they ...
11/6/2006 2:48:48 PM
  Permission to Shoot Private Home?
Recently, while on vacation, I took a shot of our new truck; however, in the background is a priv...
10/26/2006 6:07:44 AM
  Photographing Buildings: Permission Needed?
Bear with me, Im new to the whole thing! :0) I have been taking pictures of local farms, barns, ...
10/13/2006 1:01:33 PM
  Wedding Photography: Model Release
Hello,In my wedding contract, it states I have all rights to use the photos as needed (advertisin...
10/12/2006 9:26:57 PM
  Photos of Kayakers: Model Release?
Hello, everyone! I need some advice. I took digital images of various people (I didn't know ...
9/20/2006 9:29:50 PM
  Would I Need a Release?
I have an image of some headstones in the fog... only the name on the front stone is visible. If ...
9/5/2006 10:32:49 AM
  Release Forms for Non-Profit Events
Hello, I have been asked to be the photographer for a not-for-profit organization. I will be tak...
8/29/2006 8:01:42 PM
  Model Release
I have a good photo of a man working. You cannot see his face, or a logo that shows the company h...
8/25/2006 11:44:24 AM
  Property Release for Company Photos
I've been asked to take photos of my company's design center which has some displays in i...
8/25/2006 11:01:44 AM
  Model Releases for War Re-enactments?
Just wondering, as I'm planning to go to one this weekend. What do you do about those instan...
8/15/2006 7:40:42 AM

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