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  Showing artist for URL Music
Hi ,Could you tell me if is possible to show artist with URL Music songs ?Thanks a lot Daniele...
1/4/2010 9:32:26 AM
  LOGO in the home page ??
Hi ,Is it possible to upload a LOGO in the Home page ?Yhanks a lotoDaniele...
1/4/2010 9:29:27 AM
  Changing membership level
I currently have a deluxe and pro site that are about to expire. I am keeping th pro site but am ...
11/19/2009 2:12:56 PM
  Finding comments on my pics
Hi. I'm new here and this may be a dumb question, but...I've received a few emails today,...
11/19/2009 7:15:10 AM
  Photo Albums
If I transfer uploaded photos from my main gallery to a new album, will I lose the editors pick l...
11/2/2009 5:13:33 PM
  How to sell photo's one at a time.
The problem I'm having is I know how to sell photo in bulk but when someone orders prints I d...
10/21/2009 12:40:37 AM
  Time settings on Guestbook Page
How do I correct the time settings on my guestbook page? My clock on the computer is at the corre...
10/15/2009 4:38:12 PM
  Pix in wrong Gallery on my BP website
Please can someone explain, why when I upload a batch of pix, and specify the gallery I want them...
10/14/2009 7:38:09 AM
  wildcard page
When I try to put a link in my wildcard page, It does not can I fix this?...
10/12/2009 1:59:03 PM
  How to create a slideshow on my homepage
I'd love to have my homepage fade into a slideshow showing each of the pictures featured, is ...
9/28/2009 1:22:42 PM

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