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  How to make screen shots
How can I make screen shots, using Photoshop CS2?...
1/2/2010 8:29:44 PM
  Export Plug-in for Lightroom
Is there any chance that an export plug-in will be developed for Lightroom?There exist ones to up...
10/15/2009 1:41:01 PM
  Enroll question for Simon Stafford
Hi, this is a question for Simon Stafford.I just enroll to the Nikon D 80 Camera Course yesterday...
10/14/2009 11:37:35 PM
  Competed courses
I completed two online courses about two years ago and recently signed up for two more. I can...
9/28/2009 10:22:28 AM
  Woo Hoo! Half-Price classes!
Wow - I just went to register for my next BP class, and found that I'm eligible for a 1/2 pri...
8/11/2009 12:23:14 PM
  Matting, Framing and Photo Presentation
In the course selection, I seem to find a course on correctly putting the final touches on a phot...
8/7/2009 10:43:52 AM
  Proposed Course Dates for 2010
Can anybody please help?I am currently working on the 'Fundamentals of Photography' cours...
8/2/2009 9:51:46 PM
  dropping a class
I took a class that is way over my head.I am still struggling with the first and second lesson.I ...
7/23/2009 9:57:01 PM
  ProShowGold - File Sizes and Matting Look
Hi,I use ProShowGold and am trying to put together a slide show, but am wanting to make my photos...
6/23/2009 5:15:16 PM
  Transferring my member photos 2 course gallerys
Is there anyway to get my photos from my member gallery to my course gallery? It seems to me ther...
6/12/2009 12:08:11 PM

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