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Learn about the best online photography classes on the web. Or just go right to the best, BetterPhoto's very own Online Photography Courses.

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Photography Question 
Nerida Ms Kennard

member since: 5/18/2013
  1 .  Which Course
I bought my Nikon 7000 about 12 months ago. I have spent a lot of money on workshops and courses and still do not feel that confident. I know the basics and concepts. 12 months ago signed up for a 2 year online course with tudor at Proud Photography but need to be motivated and no deadlines or contact so I lost interest. Then joined which is good but not assignments nor feedback. What course here would be best. I know my camera reasonably well, am member of various camera clubs and always researching. I like the look and concept of these courses. I about 12 months sign up for the self paced but withdrew as I felt a tutor based course would be better. Any advice would be appreciated. Nerida

4/12/2014 4:59:03 PM

  Hi Nerida,
Thanks for your interest in BetterPhoto's interactive online courses! I'm confident that we have just what you are looking for. The best approach is for a back-and-forth email chat ... I'll contact you.

Thanks again!


Kerry Drager
Course Advisor

4/13/2014 5:37:26 PM

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Photography Question 
Stella Larbi
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/3/2014
  2 .  How to Change the Setting from AE to AF
How do I change the setting from AE to AF on the Nikon D7000 pls?

3/5/2014 11:04:48 AM

  Hi Stella,
Thanks for posting this question. Although both are auto settings, the two really aren't closely related, since one (AE) refers to exposure, while the other (AF) relates to focusing ... two different "animals" entirely.

BetterPhoto instructor Peter Burian offers some great tips on auto-focus. See his article here...

And here is instructor Lynne Eodice's article on auto-exposure...

For the specifics on the D7000, we offer an outstanding interactive course...

Enjoy learning more about AE and AF!

Kerry Drager
Course Advisor

3/5/2014 3:19:11 PM

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Photography Question 
Marc A. Griffin

member since: 1/7/2014
  3 .  Submitting Photos for Class
I am not certain that the photos I uploaded today for a class assignment are in the proper place for my instructor to find. They are in my BetterPhoto gallery but I am not sure if this is correct.

1/22/2014 12:03:29 PM

  Hi Marc,
Thanks for the note. Actually, if you uploaded in your Member Center, that's not the correct place ... they must be uploaded directly into class -- Campus Square. And it's easy :) ... here's how:

Sign in at the upper right of BetterPhoto's home page.

That puts you in your Member Center.

Next, click on the My Courses link near the top of the far-left column. Then, when the next page displays, click on the course title link under the "Your Campus Squares" header. You'll then be in Campus Square!

Then, click on the Photos tab and when that page displays, click on the Upload New Photos link. Along with other uploading options (JPEGs are best), you'll be able to choose the particular assignment for uploading.

To make sure your photos were uploaded properly, just go into the Light Box (Photos area of Campus Square - far left column) ... that's where all submitted assignment photos are.

Have fun!


1/22/2014 3:46:56 PM

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Photography Question 
MaryAnne Benusis
BetterPhoto Member
Contact MaryAnne
MaryAnne's Gallery

member since: 11/26/2013
  4 .  The instructor
Who teaches these courses? What is this persons back ground and where did they study photography?

Please share some true positive news.

1/16/2014 2:30:39 AM

  If you go to the pull down menu for interactive courses, there is a tab for pro instructors. If you click on a photo, it takes you to their bio/gallery and you can get a pretty good idea of what they shoot and see if their course would be right for you.

1/16/2014 4:52:34 AM

Ken Smith
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Ken
Ken's Gallery

member since: 6/11/2005
  To piggy back on Carolyn's reply, here's the course catalog:

Feel free to contact the instructor directly for questions on the course, experience, etc. It doesn't have to be a mystery.

Although I've not taken a BP course, I've heard positive comments about them.

1/16/2014 9:12:33 AM


There are currently 23 instructors with Betterphoto, and you can see the list here:

Each will have a bio. I believe all of us have been with BP for several years, at least! All are experts in the field, though experience and specializations vary widely. The courses should mostly have reviews from other students -- unless the course is new.

I'd be glad to answer any questions about the two courses I teach now. I hope to have a few more in the coming months!


1/17/2014 1:05:54 AM

  Thank you all for taking the time to give me positive information! I am very thankful.

I am so glad to hear that there are qualified teachers available and that I may see their bios. I had no idea who was teaching the courses. I teach and wanted to make sure that the courses were taught by someone who is very professional and has a lot of experience.

Thank you for taking the time to enlighten me. I appreciate your time and energy.

many blessings and happy photographing.

1/20/2014 1:59:04 AM

  Glad you feel at ease, MaryAnne.

By the way, Jim also is a big fan of the Green Drink too.


1/20/2014 2:25:12 AM


I think Jim's expertise is a bit understated!! And formal training in a subject never substitutes for real experience. For example, I have a Master of Fine Arts... in Fiction Writing! I can count the dollars I made writing fiction. On the other hand, I am probably one of the most experienced Photoshop experts on the planet. At the time I started learning PS there were no books on the subject, let alone classes or formal training. I've written 9 books on the topic, taught formally in college classrooms, have been a consultant, a columnist and actually added features to the Photoshop program... Ansel Adams actually trained in ... classical music, not photography. Safe to say "training" is not always the best gage of qualifications. The instructors here have vast knowledge. When I came here with 25 years of experience, I learned from the instructors I talked to by sharing experience. I am excited about my piers, and I think you will be too.

Just to say: My best college instructors... did not have a PhD. Words they said 20+ years ago resonate in my head at times I least expect it. and they may be words about writing fiction that apply to photography, or words about how to stage a play, or how to cook a roast... Real teachers make you understand, and grow... not develop under their light.


1/20/2014 2:37:31 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/11/2003
  You forgot your days with Cream and your sets with Steve Winwood at the Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Jim wrote 5 books on women?

1/20/2014 2:38:00 PM

  Honestly, I think I'm better looking than Clapton.

I don't know about Jim writing about women... but here is a list of his photography books on amazon:

1/20/2014 11:47:27 PM

  thank you for taking the time to respond.

I look forward to seeing your photos Richard L. Perhaps leaving out one's last name is a good idea.

blessings to all.

1/21/2014 3:19:31 AM

  One more thing........

Richard L is what I saw when I scrolled up on the response page - I did not realize you published your whole name. I am new and have not explored all areas of BP. Now I see my last name as "B".

Richard I love your photo "Tritone Parsnip". Wonderful. Good eye!


1/21/2014 3:27:51 AM

Christopher J. Budny
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/3/2005
  PS---The author Jim Miotke for the books "about women", is a different Jim Miotke than the one who operates Betterphoto. You can read the two different author biographies at

About the Author (Not BP Jim)
Jim is retired career military who: traveled world-wide; Celestial navigator; Mater rifle and pistol shot; lived overseas ten years and six years at sea. Learned Greek to ask for wife's hand, which he's been holding for forty years. Also learned German.

1/21/2014 3:56:13 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/11/2003
  Secret Agent Jim Miotke. Learned Greek just to ask a woman to marry him? That's just four words.
Understanding exposure from all those spy photos.

1/21/2014 7:30:50 AM

  Yes, if you just look up Richard Lynch, you'll find that I am dead several times over and used to act in horror films having been terribly burned and scarred at one point. I'm just the Richard Lynch part that writes the Photoshop books, and some off-the-wall prose.

I learned a lot the day I shot that Parsnip. I shot it for about 4 hours playing with vintage lenses on my digital camera. I was in a Edward Weston moment... The tri-toning is my own very monotonous process using the very misunderstood Multichannel mode in Photoshop.

I'm not hiding my name!

Richard Lynch

1/21/2014 8:37:39 AM

  Darn! I was hoping he wrote those books and this one ...

Seems Jim 2 is very different than Jim 1. but it seems they both are not one trick ponies myself.

I manage a stock portfolio and an art portfolio.

I am sorry to hear about your multi-deaths Richard L. You look great for a dead guy!!

If you look me up (under images). I am a beauty queen from the USA with big Farah Fawcett hair. It seems I won some contest and women flocked around me and started crying. NOT my scene.

My best photo instructor, is my girlfriend's 26 year daughter with Down's Syndrom. She speaks 8 lanuages but has no college or University training.


1/21/2014 10:01:19 AM

I have been a Stock Trader for 30 years. With no traing what so ever. I have not even read a book about it. Maybe that is why I do so well.

1/21/2014 10:14:59 AM

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Photography Question 
Larry L. Holmes
Contact Larry
Larry's Gallery

member since: 8/4/2006
  5 .  Self pace courses
Do you get credits for any self pace courses?

1/1/2014 5:16:26 PM

  Hi Larry,
No, sorry. Only the interactive online courses qualify for credits toward certification.

Thanks for asking!


1/3/2014 2:42:40 PM

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Photography Question 
Ernesto D. Rivera Richardson

member since: 3/20/2013
  6 .  Log-in to
Good day to all of you, could some please let me know how can I access to my course in the lightingandexposureexposure please, I cannot log-in. Thanks in advance. ERR

12/21/2013 8:22:08 AM

  Hi Ernesto,
Thanks for the note, but sorry for the inconvenience. As mentioned before, there's a temporary glitch in the system, and the Understanding Lighting and Exposure website is offline. The tech crew has been notified, so we hope everything is back up and running very soon.

Thanks again, Ernesto ... our apologies.

Happy holidays!

12/23/2013 2:13:02 PM

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Photography Question 
Linda M. Solari
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Linda
Linda's Gallery

member since: 2/28/2013
  7 .  better photography 101
I purchased Better Photography 101, and I inadvertently deleted the e-mail that I signed in on and now I can't find the course material. How can I get it back?

11/11/2013 9:10:36 PM

  Only guessing, but, if you go to "My Member Center", then click on "My Courses", then click on your course, that might have what you're missing somewhere in there.... :-)

11/12/2013 11:08:23 AM

  Hi Linda,
Thanks for the note, and your log-in information has been re-sent.

P.S. Thanks for your input, Bob!!

11/12/2013 4:44:19 PM

  Thank you Bob, I appreciate the information you sent me!

Thank you Kerry!

11/12/2013 9:47:20 PM

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Photography Question 
Kerry Drager
BetterPhoto Member
Kerry's Photo Courses:
4-Week Short Course: Creative Close-ups
  8 .  New Course by Richard Lynch!
Hi Everyone,
Just a note that Richard has come up with another outstanding online course for Photoshop or Elements:

Correcting and Enhancing Images


11/4/2013 2:03:25 PM

  Thanks for mentioning this Kerry! If I can help anyone out by answering questions about the course or enhancements, I'd be glad to discuss!


11/5/2013 1:41:00 AM

Christopher J. Budny
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/3/2005
  Just signed up for his other new one (about color workflow)... looking forward to it!

11/7/2013 6:11:02 AM

  Excellent, Chris - enjoy the class!!

11/7/2013 11:22:51 AM

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Photography Question 
Kerry Drager
BetterPhoto Member
Kerry's Photo Courses:
4-Week Short Course: Creative Close-ups
  9 .  Great Course Sale This Week!
Hi All,
Start taking your photo skills to the next level with an interactive online class!

Save $40 off 8-week courses with this special code: GetFeedbackSave40


Save $20 off 4-week courses with this code: GetFeedbackSave20

NOTES: Be sure you enter the code into the Gift Card field on the order form and click "Submit" to get your discount. Act fast, since the BetterPhoto Sale ends this Friday, Oct. 25th ... see you in class!


10/21/2013 3:30:23 PM

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Photography Question 
Dan Greenbaum Greenbaum

member since: 10/29/2010
  10 .  gift course
I was given a gift certificate for a course, which is good for a year. Because of health problems, I have not taken advantage of the gift, and the year is almost up. Can I extend the gift for a little longer, say six months?

Dan Greenbaum

6/14/2013 2:56:48 PM

  Email I think you will get a quicker response. They do monitor the QnA, but I don't know how often.

6/14/2013 3:42:55 PM

Dan Greenbaum Greenbaum

member since: 10/29/2010
  Thank you for your good advice.

6/16/2013 1:11:17 PM

  Hi Dan,
Sorry to hear of your health problems and also for any confusion.

Good news! You have more time than you thought. Here's the correct information from the BetterPhoto Gift Card page: "Gift Cards can be used up to 5 years from the date of purchase."

Thanks for following up on this, and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

P.S. Thanks, Carolyn, for your input.

6/17/2013 10:39:20 PM

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