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  Raw Processing Programs
I have an Olympus E510 and my computer is an HP laptop. I want to begin shooting in Raw format b...
2/2/2010 12:21:44 PM
  JPEGs: When Does Loss of Quality Occur?
Can anyone tell me if there is loss involved with copy and paste in Windows XP when moving JPEG i...
9/28/2008 12:24:27 PM
  Converting Batch of Raw Photos to JPEGs
Is there an easy straight forward way to take a batch of photos in Bridge and convert them from R...
9/17/2008 12:43:34 PM
  Shooting in Raw Format
I have just purchased my first SLR camera and have been shooting Raw files. My problem is Photosh...
7/16/2008 7:47:03 AM
  JPEG: Generation Loss?
A friend told me that if I copy images from memory card to computer and then write to cd / dvd, i...
6/24/2008 7:11:52 AM
  Shooting Raw ... By Mistake!
I am a Photoshop CS3 novice, and I accidentally left my camera on the Raw setting while shooting ...
5/7/2008 4:25:33 AM
  Batch Naming in Photoshop
I took about 60 photos, and used the Automate Rename batch. At first, it looked like it worked gr...
2/2/2008 10:42:20 PM
  How Do I Take a High-Resolution Image?
Hi all,I'm all confused about high resolution photos. I use a Nikon d80 and shoot JPEG. I use...
12/29/2007 10:18:56 AM
  D-SLR vs. Compact Digital: Image Quality
I have a Nikon D200 and a Canon Powershot S5 IS. The D200 image size is 12.907 inches by 8.64 in...
12/5/2007 4:18:14 PM
  Digital Camera for Temporary Storage?
Hello: I need to transfer a few non-photo files between computers, and I don't have a flash ...
11/29/2007 7:01:08 PM
  Resizing Digital Photos?
Set up: when you download your newly shot photos onto your computer and then open them up in Pho...
10/23/2007 11:54:33 AM
  Protecting Images On a CD
Hi There,I want to burn some of my digital photos onto a disc but I want to protect the images fr...
7/31/2007 1:23:44 PM
  Storage Issues
I'm shooting in Raw and when storing non-converted files on hard drives, I find that I'm ...
7/10/2007 6:53:56 PM
  what resolution to store digital images
What resolution would be best to store digital images for family purposes? I know that most home...
7/16/2006 8:54:14 AM
  Naming files and photos
What is the best way to organize large numbers of JPEG files (Photos that I want to copy to CDs)?...
8/29/2005 5:29:19 PM
  What are the different formats for?
How do I find out about the different formats like TIFF, JPEG, BMP or PING etc and which format i...
11/21/2002 9:14:15 AM
  Downloading Photographs in Raw Format Quickly
How do I download images in RAW Format quickly to my application (which is /product/productDetail...
7/2/2002 4:16:19 PM
  White Balance Setting Problem
I shoot in Raw and end up editing the white balance on a good deal of photos. I thought I would ...
4/11/2007 4:55:34 AM
  Raw Versus JPEG
If I compose an image, on a tripod, and expose the image as a Fine JPEG, then take the same photo...
4/3/2007 2:13:13 PM
  Raw Versus Jpeg Fine
I use a Canon Rebel 300D, I shoot in the large Jpeg fine mode (highest setting except raw). My qu...
3/14/2007 6:42:50 PM
  Best Way to Back Up Photo Files?
With all the new bells and whistles out there has this old farm boy wondering what is the best wa...
2/26/2007 9:09:23 PM
  JPEG vs. TIFF Format
I have a couple of questions regarding the storage format for photos:1. Am I correct in assuming...
2/17/2007 9:34:44 AM
  How Long Do Memory Cards Last?
I have been using my memory card for more than two years, just erasing pics when I have them save...
10/31/2006 6:58:08 PM
  Making the Jump to Raw
I'm looking into shooting Raw but don't know where to start - can anyone out there point ...
10/3/2006 11:44:26 AM
  Digital Photography: Raw
I just started experimenting with Raw. I use a Canon 350D, with studio lighting. From what I un...
9/24/2006 12:17:21 PM

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