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  Reflectors: White vs. Gold
I've bought a set of reflectors that I like some of the looks I am getting. My problem is whe...
8/7/2008 7:50:21 AM
  Toddler Photos
I have been asked to take photos in an outdoor setting for their 2-year-old son. Does anyone hav...
6/27/2008 10:35:48 AM
  Beach Portraits
I'm going to shoot a friend's family on the beach this weekend (digital, but in BW), and ...
7/17/2007 7:51:19 AM
  Best Backgrounds for School Photos
Please give me advice on choosing appropriate backgrounds for children taking school pics. Shoul...
1/24/2006 3:39:47 PM
  Moving Subject, Low Light
I have a Nikon D50, and I'm trying to shoot pictures of a friend who wants a photo of himself...
4/19/2007 8:56:35 PM
  Slower Shutter vs Higher F/stop?
When shooting a group in low light/shade, would you go for a slower shutter speed to gain a highe...
1/13/2007 10:37:50 PM
  Shooting Children ... and Focus Issues
OK, I have searched the site and don't think I have found the answer to my question yet. My m...
1/20/2006 8:01:33 PM
  Background and Skin Tones
I'm shooting an engagement session in about 2 weeks. The couple wants to go up to Red Rocks ...
11/18/2005 12:16:41 PM
  Using a Backdrop Outdoors
I have been asked to do a shoot outside using a backdrop. It is light gray with a sheer sparkle f...
10/19/2005 9:36:17 AM
  Backdrop Materials
Does anyone know that, if I buy my own muslin material to make a backdrop, will the seam be visab...
10/4/2005 3:12:34 PM
  Shooting Group Photos - What to Wear?
I am getting ready to set up a photo shoot for two high-level corporate groups (one with about se...
9/9/2005 11:53:14 PM
  Shooting Outdoor Portraits
I have been asked to take a friend's head shots ... and I have no clue what to do or where to...
8/27/2005 7:15:36 AM
  Photographing a Large Group
I have been asked to take an outside family portrait (four families) that include 9 adults and 6 ...
6/15/2005 10:45:06 AM
  Ideas For Shooting a Large Family Group
I have to shoot a family of twenty people, nine adults and eleven children. It will be outside i...
5/18/2005 9:45:36 AM
  Outdoor Portraits: How to Eliminate Shadows?
Can someone help me with eliminating shadows on a subject's face when taking a portrait outsi...
5/5/2005 8:25:04 PM
  Outdoor Portraits: How to Eliminate Shadows?
Can someone help me with eliminating shadows on a subject's face when taking a portrait outsi...
5/3/2005 2:23:05 PM
  Portrait Photography: Focusing
I am taking really tight head shots of people and am interested where I should put the focus. The...
4/19/2005 10:37:59 PM
  Portrait Photos: A Shadow Question
I am shooting with a camera that does not have a hotshoe for an external flash. I don't do a...
3/27/2005 4:28:48 PM
  How to Photograph a Group
I have a Maxxum 7D Digital Camera! I have some questions regarding photography mainly in a group...
2/3/2005 12:13:15 PM
  How to Photograph My Toddler
Could you please provide me with some tips on how best to capture my 2-year-old? Many thanks in ...
2/1/2005 7:58:18 AM
  How to Shoot in the Snow?
Someone wants me to take their pictures outdoors. Where I live, it is snowing right now and she w...
12/7/2004 11:26:03 PM
  Capturing the Beauty of Pregnancy
My good friend is very pregnant. She asked me to take pictures of her belly. Pregnancy is a truly...
11/30/2004 8:47:54 AM
  Tips for Shooting Eyes
I have a friend with really pretty blue eyes. I want to shoot close-ups of her face/eyes. Can any...
10/12/2004 7:54:10 PM
  Using a 80-200mm for Portraits
I have a Nikon N80, a 28-80 f/3.5-5.6D, and a Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 ED. Typically, I use the 80-2...
10/12/2004 1:45:41 AM
  Good Places for Model Photography
I'm thinking of doing some photography shoots in nice scenic, but public places - of models. ...
7/27/2004 5:46:24 PM

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