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  Are you asking yourself, How do I load film into a medium format camera? Or even, What is a medium format camera? Then you're in the right place! Check out this Q&A for all of your medium format camera questions.
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  Investing in medium format.
I'm hoping to go to school for photography, but the school requires me to have a medium forma...
2/7/2003 9:46:14 PM
  what flash to use
I am thinking of taking the plunge to the medium format, especially since you can now purchase a ...
2/3/2003 8:29:45 AM
  645 Medium Format - Mamiya or Pentax ?
I am about to go travelling in the far east and India. On my travels I want to build up a portfol...
9/27/2002 5:32:54 PM
  Equipment: 35 MM vs Medium format
I understand the benefits of a 6 x 7 format over the 35 mm format, but my question is, isthere a ...
7/27/2002 10:00:04 PM
  How important is the printer resolution?
I have a 3Mega pixel camera and want to buy a proper photo quality printer.If my camera only prod...
7/9/2002 9:29:49 PM
  Buying Medium Format Camera
I am strongly considering buying a Bronica RF645, but was curious if anyone has tried this camera...
  A Beginner Looking for Answers
I have always loved photography as my hobby, and now I want to turn it into a business. I know t...
3/19/2006 11:38:28 AM
  Medium Format with Digital Back
I am considering buying both a medium-format camera, as well as a digital SLR and was wondering i...
2/15/2005 8:53:08 PM
  What Medium Format Camera to Buy
I want a medium format camera. I don't need any special bells and whistles, but I would like ...
10/13/2004 8:26:13 PM
  Making the Move to Medium Format
I want to move to medium format. I like the idea of 6x4.5 and 6x7 aspect ratios for composition ...
4/28/2004 12:59:41 PM
  Choosing Medium Format
I am currently looking into medium format photography and have some questions.First, are there an...
3/20/2004 12:22:19 PM
  How to Work with Paralax Error
I just purchased a used Mamaya 645J with a view finder,and realized thwt I have to work with para...
8/2/2003 10:53:23 PM
  Medium Format Camera
I am very interested in buying a medium format camera with auto focus. My eyes have really gotte...
6/19/2003 10:38:25 PM

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