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  Learn tricks for pet photography and how to shoot wildlife photography in this section. You can also check out this Wildlife Photography article for additional tips and tricks. Want to learn more about how to shoot wildlife photography? Take Jim Zuckerman's How to Photograph Animals & Wildlife online photography course.
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  Shooting Photos of Moving Horses
I was just needing some information on taking pictures of horses while they are moving. I've...
5/28/2004 1:55:56 PM
  Shooting Verrrry Fast Flying Birds/Swallows
Masses of swallows and swifts congregate around a large lake in our local park. They skim, swirl,...
5/12/2004 10:42:04 AM
  How to Shoot Animals Through a Fence
If anyone might see this real soon ... I need to know how to shoot through a chain-link fence (bi...
4/17/2004 5:39:25 PM
  Taking Pictures of Small Birds and Hawks
I can't get pictures of red tail hawks. They only let you so close and they fly away. I'v...
4/6/2004 1:32:57 PM

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