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  Want to discuss low light photography candlelight scenes? How about indoor photography exposure settings? Any questions about low-light photography are welcome here.
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  How to Shoot Interiors of New Homes?
Hi everyone,I have been asked to shoot some interiors of new homes.I really donít want to use fla...
10/20/2009 8:00:27 AM
  Photographing Christmas Lights
Help! I want to take pictures of outside Christmas lights. However, when I put it on the firework...
12/31/2008 6:23:59 PM
  Flash and Camera Settings for Indoors
I have been asked to take candid shots for a fund-raiser being held inside a hotel ballroom. My e...
1/15/2008 7:50:24 PM
  Interior Photography - Simplified?
My husband and I have a company, designing and installing home theaters and entertainment systems...
8/13/2007 11:53:18 PM
  Why Won't My Camera Take Pictures in Low Light?
I was attending a wedding this past weekend and was asked to take some photos of the reception. ...
9/30/2003 6:22:30 AM
  Taking Indoor Shots
I have been taking photos of my daughter for her senior pictures. The outdoor ones are great. But...
  Nightclub Photos
I have been trying to get shots of my husband's band and can't seem to get it right.I nee...
  Shooting Action in Low Light Indoors
I'm looking for equipment suggestions for my Nikon D70. I'd like to shoot some dog agilit...
10/17/2008 1:48:05 PM
  Lighting for Stage Performance
I was wondering if anyone know what kind of flash would be best for taking photos of a dance reci...
5/15/2007 11:57:51 AM
  Shooting Churches: Stained-Glass Windows
What special considerations should one remember when shooting church stained-glass windows in ord...
4/17/2007 6:04:10 PM
  Photographing an Aquarium
I would like some help in knowing how to take pictures thru glass. I am going to an aquarium soon...
1/23/2007 3:17:31 PM
  Too Much Noise in Low Light Situations
Hi, I've just bought a Nikon D80 as an upgrade from my D50. The problem is when I'm shoot...
11/8/2006 6:03:39 PM
  How to Shoot Indoor Ice Sculptures
My sister-in-law has asked me to help her photograph a company Christmas party, including large i...
11/8/2006 2:01:19 AM
  Lighting and Focus Issues in Low Light
I take many low-light sunset pictures with some success but a lot of failures. My primary came...
10/31/2006 1:39:58 PM
  Focusing in Low Light Conditions
Can anyone give me tips on how to focus in low light?...
10/4/2006 11:10:32 AM
  Shooting Stage Scenes Without Flash
I had offered to take some photos for a local comedy club, but the proprietor was insistent I do ...
9/27/2006 10:45:09 AM
  Concert Photography with Digital Camera
I will be attending a concert in the next few weeks and I am trying to understand the manual sett...
7/3/2006 9:12:58 AM
  Pictures of Band ... But Out of Focus
Hi! I recently took pics of the guys playing in the band... Unfortunately, the pictures came out ...
6/23/2006 10:10:00 AM
  Black Reflective Surface
Any ideas on what to use as a black reflective surface. Very reflective like a mirror? I tried ...
5/19/2006 7:25:14 AM
  Photographing Action in Dark Auditorium
My daughter competitively dances. It is an an auditorium that is dark, while the stage is bright...
3/31/2006 9:02:12 AM
  Inexpensive Indoor Lighting Solutions
I don't have any good lighting for indoor photography, and I don't have the income right ...
3/23/2006 5:01:21 PM
  How to Shoot in an Aquarium
I'm going to the Vancouver Public Aquarium, and would appreciate tips for shooting indoors of...
2/28/2006 4:51:14 AM
  How to Shoot Candles
I am trying to take some shots of a lit candle. However, when I look at the final outcome, there...
12/17/2005 10:04:48 AM
  Photographing in an Aquarium
I need tips for photographing at an indoor aquarium. I use the Canon Digital Rebel user-75-300mm...
12/13/2005 8:14:14 AM
  Photographing Through a Window Screen
What are the camera settings for shooting thru a window screen?...
12/11/2005 6:23:48 PM

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