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  Learn about black and white architecture photography and interior photography techniques as well as a host of other topics involving interior photography in this Q&A.
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  How Do I Minimize Reflections?
I'm working for a small museum with limited resources. My job involves photographing the col...
9/9/2008 7:35:39 PM
  Residential Architecture
I work for a residential architect in upstate NY and was approached by one of the builders to tak...
8/14/2008 11:18:25 AM
  Shooting Through Glass Window or Door
I want to click a photo of an object standing behind a glass window or door and avoid reflection ...
2/17/2008 5:11:10 PM
  Shooting Homes Using Digital
Our little photgraphy company, Mc Square, has been retained by a branch of Coldwell Banker Real E...
10/4/2004 1:00:24 PM
  Photographing Buildings
I have been asked to photograph the front of a church for their directory. What size lens will I ...
10/6/2006 8:49:07 AM
  Architectural Photography: Historic Buildings
I would love any tips on capturing historical buildings in my home town....
2/21/2006 7:45:21 AM
  Shooting Glass and Metal Architecture
Hi all, I am researching a project that requires lots of shots of my home town. There is a lot of...
9/11/2004 3:35:23 AM
  How to Shoot Photos of Castles
In two weeks, I am going to England and will be taking a lot of photos of castles. If you have an...
9/5/2004 10:04:04 AM
  Shooting Home Interior Shots
I have a Digital Rebel with the 18-55mm lens. I take photos of exterior and interiors of homes. ...
9/2/2004 4:28:08 PM
  How to Shoot Architecture in a City
I live in New York City, and love photographing architecture - especially churches. How do I crea...
6/24/2004 12:47:04 PM
  What Lens to Use When Shooting Buildings?
I am trying to get into architectural photography. I have a job coming up in which the client wou...
3/25/2004 3:07:24 PM

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